Poppy Smith

Fee Range: $1000-1500, $1500-2000, $2500+
Location: Oregon
Book Poppy Smith.

Linda Evans Shepherd

Fee Range: $2000+
Location: Colorado
Book Linda Evans Shepherd.

Pam Schram

Fee Range: Flexible
Location: Nebraska
Book Pam Schram.

Jane Rubietta

Fee Range: Flexible
Location: Illinois
Book Jane Rubietta.

Marcia Ramsland

Fee Range: $1000-2000, $2000+
Location: Texas
Book Marcia Ramsland.

Karol Ladd

Fee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Texas
Book Karol Ladd.

Karen Knight

Fee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Pennsylvania
Book Karen Knight.

Carol Kent

Fee Range: $3000+, Carol will also be sensitive to the size and budget of your group. Feel free to suggest what fee is possible for your event.
Location: Florida
Book Carol Kent.

Dr. Carolyn Johnson

Fee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: California
Book Dr. Carolyn Johnson.

Sheryl Giesbrecht

Fee Range: Flexible
Location: California
Book Sheryl Giesbrecht.

Pam Farrel

Fee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000, $2000+, $3000+
Location: California
Book Pam Farrel.

Bill and Pam Farrel

Fee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000, $2000+, 3000+
Location: California
Book Bill and Pam Farrel.

Jennie Afman Dimkoff

Fee Range: $1000-1500, $1000-2000, $1500-2000, $2000+, $2-3000, $3000+
Location: Michigan
Book Jennie Afman Dimkoff.

Adelle Campbell Dickie

Fee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Indiana
Book Adelle Campbell Dickie.

Carole Brewer

Fee Range: Flexible, $500-1000, $1000-1500
Location: California
Book Carole Brewer.