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Marcia Ramsland is an entertaining speaker, author, and professional organizer well known as “The Organizing Pro” for her practical skills and tips to manage busy lives. Her life-changing message encourages women to make changes on the inside and outside of their hearts and homes.

As a national speaker, author and consultant, Marcia delights her audiences with tips and secrets to organize their time, home, paperwork, and life. Women love the topic of organizing and enthusiastically bring their friends for an outreach event.

Marcia was selected by Women of Faith to write her book Simplify Your Life, Get Organized and Stay That Way! as the first product in the Women of Faith Lifestyles line. Her second book, Simplify Your Time (November 2006) and Simplify Your Space (September 2007). She has also written the popular booklet, Ages and Stages of Getting Children Organized.

Since beginning her career, Marcia appears on radio and TV, and her tips have appeared in national magazines. This is amazing and encouraging because she claims she herself was not naturally organized, and thus anyone can become more organized with the right coaching. She beautifully blends the practical and the spiritual in her speaking.

Marcia has a regular segment on Moody radio and has been on Janet Parshall’s America and Moody’s Midday Connection shows. She is an expert at
She believes anyone can become more organized, and hundreds of clients and audiences across the country agree with her.

Marcia got her inspiration from a personal desire to get organized when her three children were under six years old. She determined to find a way to get organized for survival. It turned into a business, LIFE MANAGEMENT SKILLS, in which Marcia trains and consults people on personal and professional organization issues. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and their elite Golden Circle membership.

Colossians 1:28 “We preach and proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”


“Marcia Ramsland is an excellent communicator and a gifted writer. She knows how to motivate, train, and encourage us to get our lives, houses, offices, and personal time efficiently organized so we can be more productive. Marcia’s ability to simplify complicated projects and break them into manageable tasks has enhanced my own effectiveness as a speaker, a leader, a mom, and a woman-on-the-go. She is adept at weaving timeless biblical principles throughout her practical presentations as she addresses the ‘felt needs’ of all of us. I highly recommend her written and spoken words!”
Carol Kent, International Author and Speaker
President, Speak Up Speaker Services

Meeting Planner Testimonials

“…I loved Marcia Ramsland the first time I met her. She had such fun, simple, and practical ideas to help make life less complicated. Sitting through a seminar with her gave me a very hopeful feeling that help was on the way. She demonstrated that by making a few simple changes in daily routines, life could be more organized and a lot tidier.”
Mary Graham, President of Women of Faith

“It is my pleasure to recommend to you, Marcia Ramsland, Organizing Pro. Marcia spoke at our groups and she was a big hit. Her manner is engaging, warm, personal …The overall sense at the end of her presentation is: “I can do this…I WANT to do this.” I would invite Marcia back in a minute and highly recommend her.”
Nell Sunukjian, Director of Women’s Ministries
Fullerton Evangelical Free Church – Fullerton, CA

“Marcia Ramsland was a wonderful addition to our four fall women’s retreats. Organized and professional, she worked hand in hand with me to integrate our theme and her session topics for the weekends. Her sweet spirit and caring heart made serving with her a pleasure. Over the course of the month, hundreds of women gained practical tools and spiritual encouragement to “simplify” their lives. Numerous women commented that this was just what they needed—truly an answer to countless prayers! Marcia’s “I can do that!” attitude was contagious for so many women, and they left Sugar Pine empowered to make changes in their lives and homes with God’s help. I’m grateful to Marcia for all she offered of herself and her expertise as our 2005 speaker.”
Lori Walsh, Women’s Retreat Director
Sugar Pine Christian Camps
Oakhurst, CA

“Marcia Ramsland is a fabulous speaker! Our Women’s Ministry had the great pleasure of reaping from her wisdom and humor, and gleaning valuable helps from her captivating topics. She received a hearty “welcome back” response.”
Stacey Lindsey, Faith Chapel Event Coordinator, CA

“Whatever the event may be, I highly recommend Marcia as a speaker; she is a pleasure to work with and I know she will be a welcome highlight. Thank you again for your insights and the lovely afternoon.”
Sheri Price -Interim Women’s Ministry Director, Skyline Church, La Mesa, CA

Topics include:

Simplify Your Life
Simplify Your Home with a Clean Sweep
Simplify Your Parenting
22 Simple Ways to Be God’s Woman—Proverbs 31 Study
Simplify Your Holidays This Year!
A Mother-Daughter Story: Strength Out of Trials

Outreach events – Women’s tea, luncheon, dinner
Conference – “Simplify Your Life” Conference/Retreats
Marcia offers an all day Saturday conference