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Exchanging hurt for hope is Sheryl Giesbrecht’s life focus.

Through more than twenty-five years of marriage to a pastor, parenting two children, overcoming addictions, beating cancer and enduring losses. Sheryl loves life in Christ and chooses to live each day in abundant freedom and hope. Sheryl’s speaking and writing encourages women with her practical presentations in growing toward wholeness. Her powerful messages testify of God’s transforming power.

Sheryl is passionate about sharing how God takes the ashes of our losses, bitterness or mistakes, and turns them into something remarkably beautiful. Her own story began with her conversion to Christ over 30 years ago. Once a rebellious teen-ager, alcoholic and drug addict, Sheryl knows what it is to overcome physical addictions. Bearing the emotional scars of sexual sin, Sheryl understands the agony of abuse and how it affects marriage and other relationships.

In ministry, Sheryl has endured changes and challenges, forcing she and her husband to move on to new levels of faith, trust and dependence on God. Recently healed of stage 4 lymphoma, Sheryl knows the heartbreak of disappointment, discouragement and disease. From the depths of these experiences, her desire is for women to understand their identity in Christ, to be set free from past hurts, and to be healed and whole emotionally as they understand the truth of Isaiah 61:1-7. Sheryl’s messages sparkle with hope and healing for the times.

The joys of Sheryl’s life are her husband and two adult children. Sheryl has been a columnist, discussing ministry, parenting and life as a pastor’s wife for Focus on the Family. She has written hundreds of articles, which have appeared in varied publications, including Pastor’s Family Magazine, Discipleship Journal, Just Between Us, CCM Magazine and Walk Through the Bible. Since 1998, her radio ministry, “Kindred Moments with Sheryl Giesbrecht” has broadcast daily to thousands of listeners. Sheryl holds a bachelor of arts from Biola University, a master’s in ministry and is pursing a doctorate of divinity.

Sheryl Giesbrecht is a author, speaker, radio personality, impacting radio through 60 second “Kindred Moments” and 30 second “God Thoughts” on KAXL 88.3 FM Music for Life.In 1996, Sheryl became intrigued with studying the names, attributes and character of God for a weekly prayer group, researching various scriptures and Hebrew terms. She began writing about the names of God for a monthly column for leadership women, “Kindred Moments for Ministry Wives and Women in Leadership.” In 1997, she began writing and recording for radio; “Kindred Moments with Sheryl Giesbrecht,” broadcast daily to thousands of listeners. Her subject: God, His attributes, His names, and His character. In fall of 2005, her newest radio show, “God Thoughts with Sheryl Giesbrecht,” was launched. Her message is how to experience the names, character and attributes of God in a practical way for daily life.The practical application of understanding the names of God has transformed Sheryl’s worship and sustained her through years of marriage, parenting and ministry. Through more than twenty-five years of marriage to a pastor, parenting two children, overcoming addictions, beating cancer, enduring losses, she has found life in Christ and chooses to live each day in abundant freedom and hope. Sheryl’s speaking and writing encourages women with her practical presentations in growing toward wholeness. Her powerful messages testify of God’s transforming power.

Sheryl has been writing professionally for over sixteen years. A local columnist for over thirteen years, she contributes a local publication, The Senior Citizen’s Gazette and to two local monthly Christian publications; The Christian Edge and Tri-County Women News and for eighteen months, the local newspaper, The Bakersfield Californian. A national columnist for over four years, Sheryl’s column; “Ministry Moments for Pastor’s Wives,” appeared regularly in Focus on the Family, Pastor’s Family Magazine and Bulletin. Sheryl is a contributor to several books: Wired That Way by Marita Littauer (Regal Books – 2006), Meditations for Ministry Wives by Lynne Dugan (Regal Books – 2006), Communication Plus by Florence and Marita Littauer (Regal Books – 2006) Fabulous After Forty by Pam Farrel (Harvest House – 2007.)

Sheryl’s audio interview with H.B. London on the topic, “Success In Ministry, Call To Ministry;” continues to be offered through Focus on the Family’s Pastor’s Family Resources. Sheryl’s Focus on the Family column for ministry wives included interviews of notable pastor’s wives, including Andrea Stephens, Kay Warren, Denalyn Lucado, Lois Evans and Jill Briscoe. Hundreds of Sheryl’s columns, magazine and devotional articles have appeared in Focus on The Family Magazine, Just Between Us, Discipleship Journal, CCM, Walk Thru the Bible’s – InDeed and Tapestry publications.

Topics include:

Each presentation is 60 minutes in length; however, full day or weekend retreats are available.

Got Hope? For the Future.
‘We are all products of our past but don’t have to be prisoners of it.’ says best selling author, Rick Warren. Hear Sheryl’s remarkable testimony and how to encourage those in your ministry to be set free. People can experience freedom from the “prisons” they may be in.
(I Peter 4:8, Romans 8:1))

Got Hope? For Relationships.
Is freedom through forgiveness possible? Can we really give up the grudge once and for all? Find out what God’s word says and receive practical application for your life.
(2 Corinthians 5:21, I Corinthians 13:5, Romans 8:1)

Got Hope? For Adversity.
Trials are inevitable. Pain, trouble and heartache strike every person on the road of life. Sometimes we feel like we are between a rock and a hard place. Discover how we face adversity through faith.
(The Book of Ruth)

Got Hope? For My Body.
Is it possible to stay healthy in a world of fast food? Is an exercise routine obtainable in the fast pace of the fast lane? Find out how to obtain a lifestyle of healthy habits for your body, mind and soul in this practical and guilt-free session.
(Romans 12:1-2, I Corinthians 6:19, 20)

Got Hope? For My Schedule.
Ever felt crunched for time? Find out what to do when you can’t do it all. Managing your time is a misnomer. We must learn to manage our selves and our priorities in the time we have. Time logs, humorous quotes and practical helps will be shared.
(Ephesians 5:15, 16, Colossians 2:3)

Got Hope? For My Life.
Is balance possible in the constant spin of this crazy world? Discover three foundational principles to maintaining your life’s balance, refocusing your priorities and glorifying God in the midst of your hectic schedule. (Mark 12:30)

Got Hope? For My Transitions.
Someone once said, “The only thing constant in life is change. Learn how to rely on our unchanging, ever-constant and faithful God during your seasons of change. Turn change into opportunities for growth instead of obstacles of fear. (Psalm 102:25-27, Psalm 100:5)

Got Hope? For My Holidays. (Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter)
Find and maintain love, peace, joy and patience; during the holiday season through worship. A study of the name of God
Jehovah-Shalom-The Lord is Peace, and Gideon’s victory over the evil Amalekite army. (Judges 6, 7)

What Shall I Give Him? (Christmas)
A Christ centered message based the poem (of the same title) by Christina Rosetti. Sheryl shares her testimony with altar call for salvation and opportunities for life change in this meaningful message.

Doing What Our Mothers Said
A Mother’s Day message about three Biblical mothers: Hagar (Genesis 16), Hannah (1 Samuel 1:3-6) and Mary (Luke 1:26-32). The focus of the study is to show how these mothers of the Bible listened and obeyed God in each of their unique assignments.

Finding the Passion of God
AW Tozer says, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” How do we find our passion for God and how do we keep it?
(A Study of Moses from Exodus 3)

New Retreats!

Draw Me Nearer
God’s passion and pursuit of us is never-ending. Hebrews 2:1 warns of paying careful attention to what we have heard or we may drift away from God. A discussion of reasons why we might feel distanced from God and practical steps to regain fellowship. (John 5:1-15)

Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
“Hope, it’s been said, is like a bird that senses dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark.” Struggles with shame, guilt, despair, fear, doubt and worth to God are common among women. Sheryl shares practical, biblical truths that bring victory in the darkness, restoring hope for the future. (John 5:1-15, Is. 61:3-7)

A Girl’s Guide to God
An exciting journey through the Old Testament with an intriguing study of the names of God. This eventful trip will wake up a quiet time and enhance the worshiper’s walk with God. The voyage begins with a premise of why a study of the names of God is essential for every Believer, continues with an overview of the many names of God. The satisfying conclusion is practical applications of the New Testament promises and how to apply the names of God to life situations.

To include: Elohim-Creator, El Elyon-God Most High, Jehovah-Our Most Personal God, Jehovah-Jireh-The God Who Provides and many more. This is an interactive retreat, seminar or experience of God’s names as they coincide with His promises.
(Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Ezekiel, selected New Testament verses)

God is Absolutely Crazy About You
We’ll be reminded of God’s passion for us as we study Psalm 139. Most of us know the God of the universe created us with a plan and purpose, but does it really make a difference in our daily choices? Do we like who God created us to be? Not always. We will be reminded of God’s passionate love and the impact this can make on how we accept ourselves while we embrace God’s perfect plan for our lives.

From Ashes To Beauty
Have you ever felt as if your fairytale seems to be a Cinderella story? Are you stuck scrubbing the embers of the fireplace? Ever been surrounded by ashes of loss or the death of dreams? Do you feel covered with cinders of disappointment, discouragement and despair? In this inspired, practical message, three steps will be shared to encourage women to see themselves as the princess God made them. (Psalm 45:11-15)

The Extreme Journey
What a wild ride! Life in Christ involves extreme acceptance, extreme freedom and extreme passion. Find out how much God loves you and why He chose you before the foundation of the world. Discover His plan and purpose through accepting your losses, bitterness and mistakes as you experience healing and hope in His Word, by His spirit. (Exodus 3, Ephesians 2)

Retreats can be fashioned into a day or evening message for any event.


“Sheryl’s ability to share her life experiences along with the wisdom God has given her, has not only made her a gifted speaker but a devoted wife, mother and mentor to many.”
Kathy Bethell, Women’s Ministry Director, Community Christian Fellowship

“Whether behind a microphone of a radio studio or in front of a sea of faces at a women’s retreat, Sheryl’s love for the Lord and passion for encouraging women from all walks of life are evident. When you see her enthusiasm for life and her joyful attitude, you would never know the difficulties she has faced in recent years, including her own personal battle with cancer. Yet, through these difficult times she has allowed God to use her testimony to change the lives of countless women. Each time I hear her speak, Sheryl combines her knowledge of the Bible with her love for teaching and her passion for changing lives. Sheryl’s desire to see revival in the hearts of women across our country is apparent each time she steps up to the podium. The only regret you will have after hearing her life-changing messages is that you didn’t invite more of your friends to hear her speak.
Janet Ables, President and Founder, Heart of the Home Ministries

“Sheryl is an accomplished teacher and speaker, speaking regularly in conference settings and on several occasions has teamed up with her pastor husband to bring the message in our own church during Sunday morning services. Sheryl’s deep life experiences from her own personal testimony, the raising of a family, leadership in the Christian community, marriage to Paul and other faith journeys give her wide appeal to many diverse audiences.”
Dr. Mike Popovich, Senior Pastor, Olive Drive Church

“Years of experience in ministry as a pastor’s wife, Sheryl has experienced the joys and trials of motherhood and recently an overwhelming struggle with cancer. Her sincere walk with the Lord and life experiences have seasoned and prepared her for ministering to people in her own precious way. Anyone who has the pleasure of sitting under Sheryl’s teaching will not be disappointed, they will be blessed and encouraged in their walk with Christ.”
Becki Stine Saltee, Director of Women’s Ministries, Hume Lake Christian Camps

Sheryl has a way of encouraging ladies in a multitude of ways to desire a closer walk with the Lord. She is eager to show them God’s love and working in all aspects of their lives. She shares the truth of God’s Word in a relevant fashion for today’s Christian women who desire a deeper walk with God. Sheryl is the perfect example of a woman who desires to be used of God.
Cheryl Burke, Ministry Coordinator, Heart of the Home Ministries

Booking Info

Sheryl has a passion for God’s Word and desires everyone to enjoy God through knowing His Word. Her aim is to teach in a practical way so her audiences will abide in God’s word and His presence. Sheryl is available to speak at women’s and pastor’s wives conferences, mother/daughter and youth events, MOPS, recovery groups and marriage conferences.

Sheryl would love to help you design your conference, retreat or leadership training event to meet the unique needs of your group. As a veteran conference coordinator and women’s ministry director, she understands learning styles and the many details involved in a successful event. Sheryl is available for conference call meetings to assist your pastor, event planner or committee in making your time together a life-changing experience.