Jane Rubietta

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Location: Illinois
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Audiences describe this vibrant, humorous woman and her speaking ministry as…mesmerizing…moving…from laughter to tears on a dime…challenging…deeply spiritual…life-changing.

Pastor’s wife, mother of three and animated storyteller, Jane blends solid biblical teaching, experience and wit with widely applicable topics. With diverse life experiences, she easily relates to all audiences. A drama background gives her a unique ability to draw out listeners and lead them to Christ. She brings grace and growth to issues such as transitions, busyness, soul hunger and forgiveness with gentleness and refreshing candor.

“God takes our pain and with healing reshapes it into our passion. For instance, everyone’s life is in flu, mine included,” Jane says. “I often feel helpless in the midst of all the changes in my life! But we can make powerful choices in the midst of the wilderness of transition, and I’m learning that transitions can transform me … and help others in the wilderness, too.”

With a BS in business, Jane worked in management and buying, then studied in Germany and directed a European drama team, performing in then-communist countries. After editing and recording literature for English-speaking Muslims, she attended Trinity Divinity School in Illinois. A recent instructor for Christian Youth Theater, she is Assistant Coordinator for Write-to-Publish Writers’ Conference and a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and Speak Up Speaker Services.
An award-winning author, with nearly one hundred articles in print, Jane’s books include Grace Points, How to Keep the Pastor You Love, Quiet Places, Still Waters, Fabulous after 50, Sensational after 60, and Between Two Gardens. Her newest book is Resting Place: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Retreat (InterVarsity Press, 2006).

Topics include:

Grace Points: Triumph in Transition
Resting Place
Too Busy to Be
Quiet Places
Survive or Thrive
Between Two Gardens
The Bind that Ties: Freedom in Forgiveness
Body Building: Caring for Your Pastoral Family
Hear the Angels Sing! A Christmas Event

All topics work as stand-alone talks or retreats.


“God saved my life today during Jane’s messages.”

“Today God delivered me from forty years in the wilderness.”

“I have been photographing events for 20 years. I have never seen a group riveted for two hours like they were with Jane.” North Carolina

“Thanks so much for spending the weekend with our women in CA. I have heard nothing but praise from those who attended the retreat. You are a master teacher and God truly uses you to draw women to himself. I was deeply moved by your insights into the desert eperiences each of us share. You are articulate and Spirit-filled.”

“I’ve never laughed so much, cried so much, and grown so much!”