Every week we receive from five to seven requests from speakers, artists, and worship leaders who are interested in representation through Speak Up Speaker Services. We wish we could include all of the gifted speakers and musicians who ask for our services, but that would mean our ministry office would become unmanageable. The following information will help you to know if your profile fits the types of engagement offers our office receives:

  • We represent approximately 170 Christian men and women who believe that Jesus Christ paid the price for the forgiveness of our sins when He died on the cross. Our speakers believe He rose again on the third day, and that He is in heaven preparing a place for those who have accepted Him as their personal Savior and Lord. Our speakers may sometimes speak in secular venues, but they speak from a Christian worldview.
  • Most people who join our agency have at least two books or CDs currently available in the Christian market (Christian bookstores,, Christian Book Distributors, etc.) and they speak nationally on a regular basis. We get very few requests for local or non-published speakers, so if you are still “growing” into national speaking, we are probably not the right agency for you. We wish we had enough requests for people who need to hone their speaking skills and become better known, but most of the meeting planners who contact our office are looking for a speaker who can help draw a crowd due to their national visibility.
  • The fees of our speakers and artists vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending upon a variety of factors (full time or part-time ministry, number of books in print, national media exposure, personal need).
  • We are open to exclusive or non-exclusive management. If you are at a place in your ministry where you need an agency to do tactful fee negotiation and draw up contracts for your services, requests for speaking can be funneled through our office. All requests are handled in a professional manner, whether they are large or small venues.

The Application Process

If your ministry fits the above criteria, please send us the following items:

  • Your current biographical promotional sheet/brochure. (Be sure to include your contact information.)
  • Your picture (This is not necessary if it is already on your promotional sheet/brochure.)
  • A DVD or VHS video of one of your best presentations
  • A list of topics you speak on regularly
  • Your doctrinal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation (or endorsements) from leaders who have heard you speak.
  • Your training for speaking (Speak Up With Confidence Seminar, college courses, Toastmasters, working in your church or through a Christian organization, etc.)
  • A list of your speaking engagements (dates and locations) for last year and this year. (This gives us an opportunity to better understand the types of venues that fit your ministry best.)
  • Include copies of your books and/or articles that are currently in print.

Please mail the above items to:

Speak Up Speaker Services
Attention: Gene Kent
3141 Winged Foot Drive
Lakeland, FL 33803
586.481.7661 or 863.680.2163 (use this number if calling outside of the USA)

The Review Process

Our goal is to get back in touch with you within two months after we receive your package of materials. Thank you for understanding that there are some busy times during each year when due to vacation schedules or a heavy volume of work, we cannot make that time schedule. If you sent your materials and have not had a response within two months, please e-mail Gene to be sure your materials were received.

We desire to work with speakers who have a passion for God and a love for people. Meeting planners consistently tell us that our speakers are outstanding, because they have presentations based on biblical truth that combine solid teaching with enough humor to keep their audiences engaged. Our speakers are also known for ministering effectively on and off the platform.

If you are invited to join Speak Up Speaker Services, you will receive a packet of materials that will give you sample contracts and much more detailed information.

We reserve the right to reject applicants. You may need more experience, training, or there may be another agency that would better meet your needs and fit your topic areas. Thank you for understanding that we cannot accept all applicants. Our prayer is that God will place you in an agency that is the best “fit” for you and in a place where you will thrive as your ministry grows.