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Location: Texas
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Karol Ladd offers lasting hope and Biblical truth to women around the world through her positive book series. As a gifted communicator and dynamic leader, Karol is a popular speaker to women’s organizations, church groups and corporate events. She is co-founder of a character-building club for young girls called USA Sonshine Girls and serves on several educational boards. Karol is a frequent guest on radio and television programs and is the best-selling author of over eighteen books. Her most valued role is that of wife to Curt and mother to daughters Grace and Joy.

Books by Karol Ladd

A Positive Plan for Creating More Calm, Less Stress
The Power of a Positive Mom (CBA Best Seller, winner of Silver Angel Award, translated into five languages, audio and teaching DVD)
The Power of a Positive Woman (CBA Best Seller, Silver Angel, two languages)
The Power of a Positive Wife (CBA Best Seller, winner of 2004 Retailer’s Choice)
The Power of a Positive Friend (Silver Angel Award)
The Power of a Positive Teen (CBA Best Seller)
Other Titles Include: Frazzled Factor, Scream Savers, Table Talk,
Fun House, Summer With a Smile, The Glad Scientist Series,
Parties With a Purpose and Party Mix

Topics include:

The Power of a Positive Woman
Every woman has the potential to be a positive influence in the world around her. Karol encourages us to adorn our life with
beautiful and Christ-like qualities and to make a positive impact through both our words and actions.

Friendships in the Fast Lane
Meaningful friendships are the heart’s desire of most women. How do we develop strong and lasting relationships in today’s hurry-up, gotta-go world? Karol shares practical, Biblical principles to help us deepen the relationships (and potential relationships) in our life.

Seven Secrets of Joyful People
What is the key to experiencing a real and authentic joy? Karol takes us on a “joy journey” through scripture discovering the principles of deliberate delight as well as the potential joy-robbers in our life.

Living with Calm and Confidence
Calm, cool and collected! Most of us want these adjectives to describe us, yet in our stress-filled lifestyle few experience it. Karol offers tools to help every women develop strength, courage and peace in both her relationships and her work.

Topics for Moms Include:
The Power of a Positive Mom – Building your home with encouragement and love.
Scream Savers – Calming Ideas for Frazzled Moms