Julie Ann Barnhill

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Location: Illinois
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Julie Barnhill is the author of eleven books and the “Refreshingly Relevant” voice of authentic living for women across the globe. Armed with a razor-sharp acerbic wit, Julie dedicates herself to proclaiming the sublime, sentimental, and sometimes subversive, truths of life, home, and family. Coupled with a disarmingly charming self-deprecating sense of humor, she unapologetically sets herself apart as an author of eleven books, spokesperson, international and national speaker, popular media guest and mothering expert. Her uncanny ability to inspire and challenge audiences to action and change can be attributed to a consistently authentic presentation on stage, radio, television, and in her writing regarding who she is, where she’s been, and what she’s learned along the way to entertain, inspire, equip, and help others.

Julie tackles subjects from the sublime /(learning to embrace ones cellulite)/ to the very serious and provocative /(motherhood, anger, and abuse)/ and successfully melds wit and humor with bold expert directives. Coupled with a keen talent & innate ability to present socially relevant content, Julie acts as a catalyst to listeners and readers alike and delivers demonstrable expertise with lively energetic sizzle!

Millions of viewers saw Julie as a featured guest on Oprah, CNN World News, CNBC’s Power Lunch, and Dick Clark’s The Other Half. Millions more heard her numerous radio-features with broadcast luminaries Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family Daily Show), Janet Parshall, and featured spots on Martha Stewart Living and The Jack Diamond Show in Washington, D.C.