Dr. Don Bartlette

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Location: Ohio
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Dr. Don Bartlette is a full time public speaker who travels extensively sharing several presentations related to his life story, “Macaroni at Midnight,” an autobiographical profile of his childhood. He is Native American, married and the father of 7 daughters and one son. For nearly 40 years ,he has spoken all over North America and other countries. He has been featured on radio and television programs and his life story has been portrayed in a stage drama and a song.

Macaroni at Midnight” shares about the speaker’s experiences as a Native American child, growing up in poverty, with speech and other disabilities, who suffered from school and family violence, racism, child abuse, and living in an environment of alcoholism. It further chronicles how one person in a community showed unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion in helping the speaker overcome his disadvantages and to be come successful in life.

Dr. Bartlette is a former social worker, counselor, and educator, with over 20 years of experience in working with minority children, abused clients, disabled persons, and low-income people, through city, county, state, and national organizations.

Dr. Bartlette is in demand for various conferences and conventions, schools, prisons, churches, childcare organizations, minority-diversity events, university programs and human service groups. When asked, Dr. Bartlette also speaks at Christian conferences, chapels, and student-oriented seminars sharing a faith-based message.


“I cannot possibly express to you the emotions I experienced as I listened to your life story… At times, I could hardly catch my breath from the horror of your pain….Thank you for telling such a hard story to tell. It was an inspiration to us as those who work with youth…”

Pastor’s Wife & Youth Worker

“If you are looking for an uplifting and heart warming event for your students and staff, Dr. Don Bartlette is the perfect choice…Our students initiated not one or two, but three standing ovations to show their admiration and respect for this phenomenal man. As a building administrator for 18 years I know how crucial it is to select outstanding presenters and I rank Dr. Bartlette as one of the top presenters I have ever hosted.”

Principal of Middle School

“It still astounds me to think of the numerous obstacles and abuses you faced as a child and how with God’s help you navigated those difficult waters…Our listeners, and so many others through the years, have been encouraged and uplifted by your messages of perseverance, faith, and steadfast reliance on our Heavenly Father…Thank you for having the courage to open your heart so that others who are hurting can begin to experience the hope you’ve found…Thanks, also, for all the times you let us air your messages at Focus. You have been an all-time favorite!”

Dr. James C. Dobson
Founder – Focus on the Family