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Location: Missouri, Wisconsin
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One of my favorite quotes is from Lauren Winner in Girl Meets GOD. When you look back to clues, before your conversion, sometimes you wonder, she writes:
Surely any idiot should have been able to see from the second chapter that it was Miss Scarlett in the conservatory with the rope.

Before kindergarten I wondered, “Who made my hand?”
I melted every time I heard “O Holy Night”.
I wondered how my professor at Northwestern University could rip apart the Bible and not be afraid of God.
When my “fanatical” sister Sally arrived to tell me about Jesus I wanted her visit to end, but a freak October blizzard hit Indianapolis and she stayed and preached three more days.
How amazing that He chose me before the foundation of the world. It is just that it took me twenty-one years to catch on.


Steve was such a gift to me. He prayed over me, believed in my ministry, and even, as he lay dying from a terrible cancer, said, “You will fly so free.” I surely don’t want to fly without him, but I am learning to live what I teach. Christ is enough. I miss Steve more than I can say, but I am so very thankful for the years we had.
I know I am blessed to have six children who love God, and four precious grandchildren. My daughters have sometimes shared platforms with me, and Sally even has her own website.


I grew up in a loving family in Wisconsin. Since Steve has gone to be with Jesus, I have returned to spend much time here in this little village on the thumb of Wisconsin.
Growing up, I lived in West Bend, Wisconsin. Both my parents were also writers and my dad told me I might not be as pretty as my sisters (What?) but that I could write. He made fifty copies of a book I wrote when I was eight called, “My Dog Chloe.”
Believe it or not, I was a theatre major at Northwestern University. (My mother wanted me to marry a movie star.) Though I dropped out of theatre, I did like speaking in front of a crowd. However, it wasn’t until after Christ that I had anything worth saying!

When Steve was in residency, I was leading an evangelistic Bible study for residents’ wives and couldn’t find a good guide. So, I wrote Proverbs and Parables for The Fisherman Bible Studies, which was one of the first series of Bible study guides. Luci Shaw, the editor, insisted on “no editorial content.” Let the student dig himself and ask questions! Don’t give answers. When I couldn’t resist giving a few editorial comments in my friendship guide, Luci told me to go write a book on friendship! I wrote The Friendships of Women. When Focus on the Family called and wanted to feature it, I was over the moon. How blessed I have been!
It is the desire of my heart to make Christ’s Word relevant to women today. The book Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chappell has profoundly impacted me. I love to use pictures, drama, and music to help women see the truth as well as hear it.
I am a member of a PCA church (Trinity Presbyterian) which is the conservative branch of the Presbyterian Church. I embrace my sisters in Christ from every denomination. I have, however, truly loved Reformed Theology, especially the emphasis that it is Christ and Christ alone, not only for salvation, but for living the Christian life.


I like the way Dee thinks.
Dr. James Dobson

God is using Falling in Love with Jesus ( by Dee Brestin and Kathy Troccoli) in a revival that is igniting women’s hearts.
Beth Moore

In twenty-five years of conferences, our committee felt Dee was one of the best, if no the best speaker we’ve had. She has clear biblical life-changing content, creative delivery with audio-visuals, and an authenticity that makes her connect with the women. We had eighty women raise their hands to trust Christ, and hundreds of other women make life-changing decisions. Dee is the only speaker we’ve ever invited back.
From A Conference Coordinator

This was the first time my friend and I had had an opportunity to hear you. We came away having our WOW moments and our tears.
Teresa Malick, conferee


As the storms in life increase in fury and frequency, Dee’s conferences are getting amazing reviews. She has been speaking frequently on three topics:

Falling in Love With Jesus – Based on the trilogy she did with Kathy Troccoli on approaching Jesus as our Bridegroom.

The God of All Comfort: Finging Your Way Into His Arms – Suffering is a given in life. Learn how to experience the God of All Comfort through “the bridge of lament.” You may also want to bring in harpist and soloist Amy Shreve (schedule permitting) just for the additional airfare and hotel for The God of All Comfort Conference. Ask for details when writing.

The Friendships of Women – Dee’s classic book on the power and pain in women’s friendships

Photo of Dee by Mark DeLong.