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Location: California
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Author/Speaker VICTORYA MICHAELS ROGERS inspires her audiences to rekindle forgotten dreams as she shows them how to catch them. A former Hollywood agent, Victorya is a popular speaker on the Christian circuit. With infectious enthusiasm, she speaks around the country at conferences, retreats, churches, singles’ groups, youth groups, and Christian Women’s Clubs. Victorya is the author of Finding a Man Worth Keeping (Howard Publishers), and co-author of the book The Day I Met God and How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out (Multnomah Publishers) along with dear friends Jim & Karen Covell.

Victorya’s latest book comes straight from her heart. “Finding a Man Worth Keeping: 10 Dating Secrets that Work” offers honest and blatant advice, warnings and, most importantly, hope for today’s Christian single woman.

Victorya shares her personal testimony of perseverance and God’s faithfulness in the midst of heartbreak. As a Hollywood agent it seemed Victorya had the world at her feet. But her true dream eluded her–to find and marry a man who loved God as much as her! Thus she endured years of singlehood until that wonderful day God came through for her big time! We make our plans but God directs our steps. And God’s plans are always thrilling!

Victorya offers hope to those who are still struggling from years of disappointment and discouragement. We make our plans but God directs our steps. And God’s plans are always thrilling!

Victorya entered the entertainment world in 1984, became an agent in 1987, and for more than a decade was a prominent Hollywood agent booking millions of dollars in business annually. She represented award winning producers, directors, writers, technical crew and actors for film and television. Victorya also taught three years at the esteemed Entertainment Studies Extension of UCLA on how to break into the entertainment business. Victorya is the host of How to Be a Make it in Hollywood and Still be a Christian (one hour video), How to Make it in Hollywood (one hour video), The Complete Guide to Making it in Hollywood (4 hours audio cassettes) and consults with individuals on career planning. For more information about her videos, cassettes and consulting services go to her websites at and

Victorya accepted Jesus as her personal Savior at the age of 7. In 1996 she received her Masters degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and retired from her agent career in 1998. She continues her involvement in entertainment as an ongoing missionary to Hollywood through the North American Mission Board (

She travels the United States sharing her passion for Jesus, and has appeared on many radio and television programs. Though frequently found in her native California, Victorya and her husband Will, son Matthew, and daughter Katie, split their time between Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Topics include:

Finding a Mate Worth Keeping (Great for mixed singles conferences)
It’s a jungle out there for guys and gals. How does a Christian navigate through the crazy world of dating all while keeping one’s faith, character, and self esteem in tact? It can be done. Victorya mastered the art of dating while she was in the jungle of Hollywood smooth-talkers and movie stars. If she could survive it there and come out happily married to a wonderful Christian, then by following her secrets, you can survive and thrive the single life anywhere!

Offering practical advice on becoming all you can be, pursuing your dreams, conquering money woes, seeking participation of others, facing reality, and keeping from freaking out yourself or your date, Victorya teaches you how to become that prize worth winning all while avoiding the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Come hear Victorya reveal the secrets to seeking, finding and dating the mate you always hoped and prayed God planned just for you.

Finding a Man Worth Keeping (Ideal for single women events, mother-daughter banquets, or teenage girl conferences, customized for each age group)
Are you frustrated in your journey to find a mate worth keeping. Do you doubt that you’re a prize worth winning? Then come hear Victorya reveal the ten secrets for finding and keeping the one God planned just for you. During this conference you’ll discover:

what you really want versus what you’ve been getting
how to attract the right guys while avoiding the “bad guys”
the little known secret sure to gain you second, even third dates
the benefits of journaling in realizing your God-given dreams and talents
and much more
(Based on Victorya’s book by the same title)

Live a Thrilling Life In Spite of Reality (Victorya’s most popular woman’s retreat–includes 2 to 4 talks covering the themes: Finding joy in your identity, everyday life, the Harvest , and your relationships)
Are you under tremendous stress with a hectic daily life leaving you miserable? Jesus said he came that we might live an abundant life here and now! Victorya reveals how you can live a thrilling life TODAY in your family, professional and personal life.

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones
A great talk for teens and pre-teens, Victorya teaches you how to rise above hurtful words. You’ll discover how to find courage to chase God-given dreams despite discouragement from others.

Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out
Victorya helps you learn easy steps to casually yet powerfully talk about Jesus. You’ll gain confidence, overcome fear, and see how easily this can all be done without freaking yourself or anyone else out. There is joy in the harvest! (Based on her book by the same title)

Hollywood Exposed: Is God Anywhere in Sight
As a former talent agent, now Hollywood missionary for the North American Mission Board, Victorya exposes the inside secrets of the TV and film industry. She reveals exciting stories of how God is actually alive and well in Hollywood. You’ll also learn how you can make an eternal impact on this world’s most influential mission field.