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Location: Georgia
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Victoria is a native of Atlanta. After some tragic family deaths during her teen years, she began to experiment with alcohol and drugs. She was raped, underwent multiple abortions, and began working as a dancer at local clubs, which she continued for more than four years. After suffering nosebleeds from her cocaine addition, Victoria became very involved with the new age movement, nearly had a nervous breakdown, and eventually became suicidal. By the age of 28 she was homeless, stranded and fired from her job as a strip-club dancer. Barely 100 pounds, she was no longer profitable to the industry. Then a Christian gave her a Bible. The first book she read was Job and something gripped her heart. A church family took her into their home. They surrounded her with love and pointed her to who she was in Christ. Victoria says, “Jesus is the only healer of deep, deep wounds.” Now 15 years later Victoria’s compassionate heart is focused on reaching other lives on the brink of life or death.

Her ministry, Victoria’s Friends, ministers to the estimated 4,000 strippers and prostitutes who work at the 40 adult clubs in the metropolitan Atlanta area. This powerful ministry partners with churches and ministry-minded individuals to reach out with love to women who have hit rock bottom in the sex industry by showing them who they could be in Christ and offering them practical help to get out of the industry. Partners of the ministry offer prayer, financial support, and Godly hope for a future to the club dancers.

Victoria’s story is featured in her friend Ann Platz’s book Guardians of the Gate, and Victoria’s Friends was recently highlighted in The Citizen Magazine a publication of Focus On The Family.

Anyone who knew Victoria at her lowest point could not imagine how God would bless her today not only with a Godly family of two children and marriage to her college sweetheart … but a ministry of hope, healing, and redemption for everyone, no matter how low and hopeless they may feel.

Victoria is married to Jeff Teague who stood by her and brought to life the true meaning of unconditional love. Theirs is a modern day story of Hosea and Gomer.

Topics include:

Personal Triumph in the Face of Tragedy
Victoria’s “rags to riches” personal testimony is the story of her own spiritual journey – a powerful message to “keep hope alive” no matter what the circumstances.

Discovering the Secrets of Success
Victoria shares secrets to becoming an influential leader … recognizing the counterfeits of the world, gaining strength as you learn to “own” past hurts, and staying focused on God’s purpose and calling. “If you have ever messed up, then you are someone God can use to impact your world.”

Extreme Makeover – God’s Refining Process
God has a special calling on each of our lives. Relationships are a powerful tool He uses to help us find this calling. Through relationships we can discover our strengths and weaknesses and allow God to refine us to fulfill our special calling.


“It has been my privilege to see first hand the life changing effects that a friend and mentor can have in an individual’s life. I have seen first hand the effects of what a mentor can do in reshaping the way people think. Simply to give advice is not enough and guilt is a poor motivator, but Christ’s love can calm a storm and change the direction of a life. Victoria has been blessed with several precious mentors. These women have walked beside her and loved her deeply while sharing the truth. Victoria’s cup has been filled due to these relationships and has prepared her in return to share the same love and encouragement with others. Not only is this the example of Christ, it is our commission. It is the very core of Victoria’s Friends.”
Jeff Teague

“It’s hard to believe this demure, brunette once made a living performing naked. She’s an impressive performer, charming her audience while describing her journey out of her dark days.”
Bo Emerson, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What audiences are saying about Victoria . . .

“God is powerful in you! You are a passionate woman of influence for God’s Glory! It’s a joy to know you!”
Carol Kent, Founder and Director, Speak Up with Confidence ministries

“You are such a beautiful light to the lost – an example of God’s grace. … You are a Saul to Paul transformation – new name and all.”
Janet Shivley, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, McConnell Baptist Church

“This is Christian witness at its finest, at its very best. This is where the church needs to be and this is what the church needs to be doing.”
Stephen M. Hooks, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies, Atlanta Christian College
President, Seminary of the Nations