Vicki Tiede

tiedevickiFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: Minnesota
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Vicki Tiede is a motivational speaker, author, wife, mother, and teacher. Her enthusiasm for Jesus is contagious. An engaging and inspiring speaker, she is passionate about encouraging and equipping women to face the inevitable challenges of marriage, mothering, and walking with Christ. Vicki uses her teaching gifts to challenge women to experience deeper intimacy with Christ and with others.

Vicki’s candor and humor are a delight to her audiences, who feel like they’ve met a new friend moments after she begins to share a glimpse into her life. Vicki consistently points her audiences back to God’s Word and presents fresh insights into the Scriptures.
Vicki shares her life with her husband and home schools their three children in Minnesota. She taught deaf and hard-of-hearing children for 12 years before staying home with her family. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in theology through the Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, BILD International.

Vicki is the contributing author for five books:
Kisses of Sunshine for Women (Zondervan, 2005), Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmothers Zondervan, 2005)
A Cup of Comfort Devotional for Mothers (Adams Media, 2007)
A Cup of Comfort Devotional of Women in the Bible (Adams Media, not yet released)
God’s World & Me: Boz the Bear’s Big Book of Bible Fun (Cook, 2007)

Vicki also co-authored Sippies, Bubbles, and Big Fun: Oodles of Options for Rochester Families (Self-published, 2005) with Kyra Bell, for families in the Rochester, MN, area.

Topics include:

“Plug Me In and Let Me Charge Overnight”
“Sweet Blessings ~ Lessons I’ve Learned from Friends and Chocolate”
“Superwoman ~ Stressfully Leaping Life in a Single Bound”
The Word CafĂ© Retreat: “One Holy Latte to Go, Please”
“He Brews Fresh Faith”
Grace Lessons Retreat: “P.S. Breath In, Breathe Out”
“Are You a Kept Woman?”
“Help! I’ve Fallen, but I’m Getting Up with Grace”
Fruit of the Spirit Retreat: “Got Fruit?”
“The Gardener’s Market”

Vicki designs her messages to highlight the theme and needs of her audiences. Invite her to speak for your next conference, retreat, or event and hear why groups have given her the following endorsements.


“Vicki Tiede is a woman of grace and passion. Her zeal for her message and heart for the Lord and her audience is apparent in her every word. I was so pleased how Vicki wove her personal story and gospel throughout her presentation. We had a great time with Vicki and look forward to her return!”
~Joyce Harley, Marriage Builder Radio Co-host and Women’s Ministry Leader at Trinity Baptist Church

“Vicki was just the person we needed for our Women’s Retreat. She touched so many with her honest and caring ways. She shared with us Scriptures and everyday life stories. Vicki spoke to each and everyone like friends, true friends in Christ. Her humor and sincerity blended with the Word of God was inspiring and practical, leaving us refreshed yet challenged. We’d love to have her back again soon!”
~Lori Keller, Retreat Coordinator, Association Retreat Center

“To say Vicki spoke to the hearts of women at our conference is really only half of the truth. The whole truth is that Vicki allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through her to the hearts of women. The ease and confidence she portrayed while speaking showed evidence of her hours of preparing and spending time with God before presenting. Her style is very relational and you feel like you’ve known her forever after only a few minutes. She truly is a woman of God!”
~Jennifer Jensen, Director of Women’s Ministries, Christ Community Church