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Location: Colorado
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Tammy Maltby is co-host of the Four time Emmy nominated TV talk show of the year 2005 Aspiring Women and author of Lifegiving…discovering the secrets to a beautiful life and A Discovery Journal to a Beautiful Life. Through her nationally televised segments, writing and motivational Bible teaching she mentors women in the lifegiving lifestyle. Tammy was the ongoing MC for the John Maxwell’s international THRIVE! event and she serves on the board of the National Woman’s Ministry Association, Christian Woman in Media and Arts, as well as Woman of Courage International.

Tammy has been featured on Focus on the Family, Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, Life Today with James and Betty Robinson, The 700 Club, Midday Connection as well as hundreds of other radio and Television programs.

Through humor and story telling she speaks of facing obstacles head on, learning the joy of risk which leads to deep rewards, finding humor in every day situations, the beauty and value of brokenness and the art of celebration and making your world beautiful. Much of her life message is based on the fact that God himself uses the dead places of our lives to create beauty. She has confidence that God desires each woman to live a beautiful life, regardless of her circumstances. She is an encourager at heart.

With a background in fundraising and years of working in crisis pregnancy Tammy also has found great joy in challenging those who attend Crisis Pregnancy fundraising events that one life can change the world! With a family built though both adoption and birth she tells a compelling story of how God saved two of her children from death.

She also offers a super fun hospitality and cooking workshop that involves women being able to watch, taste and enjoy the fruits of beautiful living! The women leave with recipes and inspiration in their hands and a vision to open their lives and homes in their hearts.

Tammy lives near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with her four children two of whom are adopted internationally and all four of which are teenagers!

Topics include:

Keeping Hope Alive
Life-giving Encouragement
Living a Life in Secret
Fasting your Hopes, Dreams and Desires
Dealing with Failure…Yours and Others
How God uses the Compost of our Lives
The myth of the Good Christian Girl
Living Beautifully – How God Takes Brokenness and Creates Beauty
Learning to Forgive Others and Yourself
Life-giving Hospitality with cooking demo..This is such fun, too!


“Tammy warmed our audiences with her amazing ability to encourage, motivate and challenge to be lifegivers. Our audiences still comment on her “lifegiving” tips that they have incorporated into their lifestyle. Tammy has the incredible ability to combine hilarity with seriousness, practical with elegant….. not an easy thing to do!”
Nancy Barton, Director of Women’s ministry
Wheaton Bible Church

“Tammy Maltby was one of the best speakers we have had at our annual Fundraising Banquet. Her outgoing and energetic personality is only matched by her love for what we do at the Pregnancy Center.As she spoke she touched the hearts of all in attendance. I can only hope that we can work out the details and have her back with us in the near future. I highly recommend her to anyone who may be interested.”
Kathleen Molway, Executive Director
CareNet Pregnancy Center of Greater Concord

“Tammy Maltby spoke at our quarterly Calling All Moms event and was so well received that she has remained the standard by which we hold all our speakers to. I’m constantly asked if she can speak to our group again… her passion for biblically living, life experience and authenticity is unmatched. Personally, I can’t find a better person to model my life after.”
Carol Wright
Park Community Church

“What a blessing Tammy Maltby was to the ladies of our church! She really connected with our hearts in each one of her messages, and her life-giving story continues to work in the lives of many of our ladies. Since our conference there has been a touch of revival, as women work through their past hurts and seek forgiveness and cleansing. Tammy brings an energetic vibrancy combined with deep insight into God’s Word. She will be a blessing to any age and any group of women!”
Madell Price, Pastor’s Wife
King’s Way Baptist Church