Shari Minke

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Location: Michigan
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Shari believes that God has a plan for each life! Her message points to the One who gives hope…Jesus!

A part of Shari’s ministry is portraying humorous characters. Changing from head to toe, she quickly transforms from “Norma Lee Crotchety” – a feisty, eighty-year-old preacher’s wife, to “Selma Kidds” – a pregnant mom expecting her 14th child! … to “Liza Little” – a precocious five-year-old and many more. Shari has discovered that when an audience laughs together, their hearts are more receptive to absorb and respond to the vital part of her message.

Shari Minke says, “I always pray that if someone in the audience hasn’t laughed for a long time, they will laugh today. Laughter is healing!”

When teaching a Bible passage, Shari has a way of awakening the senses to experience what was happening. She strives to “get into the scene” so that words written thousands of years ago are fresh and meaningful. In conjunction with her captivating Biblical teaching, she incorporates humorous personal illustrations as one who is on the journey with the audience. Her honest style of sharing some of her own struggles makes her relatable. Listeners are inspired to make positive changes in their lives based on the truth of Scripture that will enrich their relationship with God and others.

The Bible also comes to life as Shari, using her dramatic abilities, becomes Mary, the mother of Jesus. This powerful presentation gives a new perspective as Mary speaks of her joys and trials. Her desire is for all people to know that Jesus came to make an eternal difference in their lives. This heartfelt presentation is powerful any time of the year. It is also an excellent evangelistic-outreach tool.

Shari designs each event based on the needs of the audience. Biblical teaching, humorous characters, Bible dramas and motivating spiritual principles that apply and aid in spiritual growth are woven together to satisfy the goals of each group.

As an author, Shari is featured in the Kisses of Sunshine Series by Zondervan. Her published stories can be found in the books designated for: Sisters, Grandmas and Women.

Shari lives in Novi, Michigan, with her husband, Tom, and their little dog, Patton. They have four grown children and are thrilled to have become grandparents! Shari is actively involved in her church, teaching and leading others into a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.

Topics include:

Truth – Transformation – Triumph!
Exploring where we are … where God wants to take us … and how to experience His victory in our everyday lives!

A New Creation:
Letting go of the old and discovering the new you in Christ.
“The old is gone, the new has come…” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Who Do You Say I Am?
Based on Jesus’ question in Matthew 16:15
Who is Jesus to me? What role does He have in my life?

Women need their girlfriends! Truth, trust and accountability are key elements.
Develop ways to be the “best friend” ever.

Blended Families
Choosing purposeful ways to promote love and acceptance with new family members.

Constant Conversation:
An experiential study on how to be more intimate with God through prayer.
Based on: 1 Thessalonians 5:17 … “pray continually.”

Are You a “Life Saver” for the Live Savior?
How can God use us to make an eternal difference in the lives of others?
Evangelism theme.

Word Pictures
Increasing positive communication through the use of creative stories.

The Greatest Gift
The Power of Affirmation
Hats off to Mothers
The Comparison Trap!
When God Seems Unfair
Committed to Hope
Fashioned for God’s Glory
You are my “Son-Shine”
Passing on the Passion


“The Word of God is central to Shari’s presentations, and she skillfully mixes laughter with the reality of tough times. She is a gifted servant of God. Shari creates unique characters that add a humorous and poignant touch to any event. I highly recommend this remarkable speaker to any group looking for a dynamic, entertaining communicator who offers hope, based on God’s truth.”
Carol Kent… Author, Speaker, Founder/Director of “Speak Up with Confidence” Seminars

“Shari has an understanding of God’s Word and is able to teach it in ways that engage people and help them have an encounter with God. She is also gifted in presenting character sketches. Her characters will make you laugh but they’ll also make you think. She has an incredible gift for connecting people with the heart of God so that their needs can be met by the work that God is doing through her ministry and in their lives.”
Dr. Craig Dillman… Pastor of Belleville First Church of the Nazarene, Belleville, Illinois

“God has gifted Shari with a delightfully creative imagination for developing her portrait personalities, a winsome sense of humor and unique sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as she shares her story through drama and speaking. She will be a blessing wherever she goes!”
Carolyn Lunn… Speaker, Author, Teacher – Olathe, Kansas