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Location: Colorado, Texas
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Through unthinkable circumstances, Rosie Whitelock learned to trust God! Pain intruded and enveloped her own life as her daughter, Whitney, fought cancer at age 5, endured sexual abuse at age 14, and died tragically at age 17. As she clung to Him, He surrounded her with His love and enlarged her understanding of His character.

Today she is a gifted speaker, teacher, and engaging storyteller who blends humor and intellectual stimulation to bring the Bible to life in hearts, and to bring people to deeper faith in our Savior, teaching them in Whitney’s words, “to love God in a terrifying world”. At conferences, seminars, and retreats, Rosie encourages her listeners to trust God in the midst of good times as well as in the throes of suffering.

Rosie earned a BS in Sociology at Houston Baptist University and an MA in Philosophy of Religion at Denver Seminary. For 32 years she has been married to the love of her life, David, who is a graduate of Rice University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Her proudest accomplishments are her children: Jeremy (26) a student at the University of Houston and his wife, Jody, who starts Medical School at the University of Texas in Houston in August; Andy (25) a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder who works in Austin; and Jenny (23) a graduate of Southwest Texas University who works in Mississippi. Rosie, a former high school and college teacher, loves reading, traveling, watching movies, and playing the piano. After many years of directing a Christian Youth Camp, she and David currently lead Whitelock Ministries in Texas. She sites Psalm 147:11 one of her favorite scriptures as, “The Lord favors those who fear Him, Those who wait for His lovingkindness.”

Topics include:

Does Jesus Care?
There’s a Storm Coming!
Can You Hear His Voice?
Oh, Oh, Oh, Elohim!
The Attributes of God Queens for a Day
Esther and Abigail Whitney’s Story Kids Today!


“Having known Rosie for 20 years, I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker not only because of her warm and engaging personality, but because she has been brought down into the pit and like David she can honestly say ‘The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.’”
Robin Lewis Ullrich, Missionary to Bulgaria

“When Rosie spoke to our women, she somehow managed to connect one-on-one with nearly every person present. That element of her ministry was as powerful as her messages, which touched everyone present at a deep level. She has the winning combination of being a savvy, brilliant thinker, a student of the Word, and a tender-hearted shepherdess.”
Sandra Glahn, Author Adjunct Prof, DTS

“Rosie Whitelock is a powerful woman who speaks to the realities of women’s issues today. She has walked a most difficult road with God and does not offer fluff, but substance in living for Jesus Christ and with integrity in today’s world. Rosie has remained faithful to the Savior through great burdens which seldom touch families as deeply as they have hers. Few are the women such as Rosie who ‘head on’ the battles of this world with courage, conviction and realism.”
Jennifer Amanda Walker, L.P.C. Christian Counselor in Nashville

“Rosie’s loving heart comes shining through in her talks. Her personal honesty and transparency tugs at the hearts of her listeners as they identify with her stories.”
Karen Giesen, Administrator DTS Houston Extension