Photo instructions

Here are some directions and tips for using

1. Click “Browse,” select the photo from your computer that you would like to resize, then click “Continue.” It may take a few minutes to upload, depending upon the size of your photo.

2. If you would like to crop your photo, click on it and adjust the clear area. Then, click on “Crop selection” on the left.

3. Scroll down to “Resize your picture.” If the “50% smaller” designation in the dropdown menu doesn’t indicate dimensions that are 400px x 400px or less, click on “75% smaller.” If that still doesn’t fall within our necessary dimensions, select “Custom” from the dropdown. Start with “width,” and enter 400px. Press the “enter” button on your keyboard and see what the dimensions are. If either the width or height still exceeds 400px, choose the one that is larger, enter “400,” then click “enter” on your keyboard again. This will give you an image that is 400px or less. It doesn’t have to be exactly square, it just needs to fall within those dimensions.

4. Scroll to the “Save as” section. In the “Max Filesize (optional)” field, enter 80.

5. Click the “I’m Done, Resize My Picture!” button.

6. You will see a message: “Your image was successfully resized!”

7. Click on the “Save to Disk” icon on the bottom left.¬†You will have 20 minutes to download it. Don’t worry — the system will rename it so you don’t overwrite your original.

This new image is the one you should send to us through our Speaker Information form here.