Paula Rinehart

rinehartpaulaFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: North Carolina
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Helping women probe the real issues of the heart has been the focus for Paula Rinehart for many years. Her book, Strong Women, Soft Hearts (W Publishing), grew out of her own journey with God and her association with Brent Curtis, (co-author of Sacred Romance). She also authored the award-winning book Choices (almost 140,000 sold). Her most recent book is Sex and the Soul of a Woman (Zondervan, 2004). Paula feels that having the underpinnings of a deep personal intake of Scripture has allowed her writing and her speaking a depth it would not otherwise have.

As a marriage and family counselor, Paula gets the chance to offer insight and encouragement in the everyday struggles of life and relationships and helps women explore the issues of their hearts in the light of God’s love and truth. Using story, humor, and refreshing honesty, Paula speaks at women’s conferences and on college campuses about sexuality, relationships, and intimacy with God.

She and her husband, Stacy, spent 25 years on staff with The Navigators and now live in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have two grown children. Every spring when the azaleas are at their peak Paula can be found leading the neighborhood chorus of “nothing could be finer than to live in Carolina in the morning…”

Topics include:

Strong Women, Soft Hearts…four messages on the essentials of living from the heart, traveling light, learning how to trust God (really), and moving confidently into life from the assurance of belonging to Jesus.

A Heart Set Free…using film clips from the Chronicles of Narnia, vignettes from the life of C.S. Lewis, and related Scripture passages, this weekend will help women from every background personalize the joys and challenges of following Christ. (three or four messages)

“The Tale of Two Sons” Retreat…an intimate, contemplative weekend for 15-20 women, centered around the story of the prodigal son and the elder brother in which women are invited to experience the heart of the Father. Retreat setting required. Periods of silence reserved. (Honorarium adjusted to accommodate smaller number of participants)


“Protestant Women of the Chapel attracts women from every background and Paula spoke to the heart of each of us. Her blend of personal insight and Biblical truth moved us all; we were blessed to have her with us.”
Denise Forshey, Coordinator
Northeast Protestant Women of the Chapel

“Paula is an extremely effective and engaging speaker with a girt for weaving Scripture with personal illustrations that both challenge and encourage. Her counseling background adds a rich ability to communicate about deep issues of the heart. She brings a wonderful combination of solid biblical teaching and personal insight with a touch of humor, all in a warm, gracious presentation.”
Gail Armacost,
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Charlottesville, Virginia