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You might think Patty LaRoche hit a home run when she married a professional baseball player. Yet, after moves to over 30 cities and a series of tragic life experiences, she didn’t slide into home until giving her life to Christ. Being the wife of a professional ballplayer and mother of three professional baseball player-sons has given Patty a lifetime of sensational hits and frustrating errors, but it was not until her brother was tragically killed that she found out how “out of kilter” her life really was.

Her optimism, fun-loving attitude is balanced with her biblical perspective and her passionate love for Jesus Christ.

Drawing upon her college education in communication and theater, Patty travels nationwide addressing Christian women’s groups, conferences, and retreats. Some of her topics include: How to Fit a Size 9 Shoe Into a Size 6 Mouth, It’s My Pity Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want To, Extreme Makeover—A Little Faith Lift, and The Tap-Dancing Chameleon. In addition to Patty’s thoughtful commentary on God’s Word, her side-splitting stories, and her vulnerability in sharing her own struggles, she is willing to add humor to your event by including her hilarious fairy tale of Cinderella gone awry, exposing threads of truth on being a woman in today’s world. Patty not only entertains her listeners, she educates, inspires, and encourages them to put biblical truth into action.

Topics include:

How To Fit A Size 12 Foot Into A Size 9 Mouth
Extreme Makeover…A Little Faith Lift
It’s My Pity Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To
The Salt Shaker


“Words to describe Patty are real, fun, personable, approachable, down to earth, charming, witty… to name a few. I have chosen Patty two times in the last several years because she is so popular with women. She has the complete package…the ability to communicate with truth, grace, and humor. She understands, identifies, and cares about women. Her love for God, her reliance on God’s Word, her personal, practical applications, and her ability to story-tell with hilarity moves women to want more of God in their lives. She is refreshing and a treat for any audience.”
Glenda Harr
Director of Assimilation and Women’s Ministries
First Covenant Church
Sacramento, California

“Patty LaRoche was God’s gift to our women’s retreat. It’s hard to say what the women responded to more, her side-splitting stories, her thoughtful commentary on God’s word, or her vulnerability in sharing her own struggles. She was transparent; she was challenging, and if you never heard of ‘Prinderella and the Cince’ in double-time, you’ve missed one of life’s great joys!”
Lael Arrington
Speaker and author of WorldProofing Your Kids

“Patty LaRoche is a dynamic communicator! With a quick wit and outstanding content, she moves her audiences to laugh out loud one minute and ponder important truth the next. Her illustrations are powerful and they flow into practical, ‘hand-on’ applications. Patty not only entertains her listeners, she educates, inspires, and encourages them to put biblical truth into action. I highly recommend her!”
Carol Kent, speaker and author of When I Lay My Isaac Down