Martha Bolton

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From church secretary and drama team leader to Emmy nominated staff writer for Bob Hope, author of over 45 books, and a writer for such entertainers as Phyllis Diller, Ann Jillian, Wayne Newton’s USO show, Jeff Allen, Mark Lowry, Kathy Troccoli, and more, Martha Bolton has come a long way. Also known as “The Cafeteria Lady” to the thousands of Brio magazine readers, Martha believes that laughter and faith in God are the best shock absorbers for life.

Her latest releases include Didn’t My Skin Used to Fit? (Bethany House Publishers), Rest in the Lord, but not in English Class (Vine Books), and Saying Good-bye When You Don’t Want To (Vine Books, release date 3/02.) So, whether you read a Martha Bolton book, or hear her speak in person, one thing’s for certain-you’re going to laugh, learn, and maybe even appreciate life’s pot holes just a little bit more.


“Martha Bolton finds the fun in the familiar, the mirth in the mundane, the belly laughs in the bellyaches of everyday living.”
Bob Hope

“Martha is one of the funniest writers alive today.”
Phyllis Diller

“Few people can drive home a point with humor the way Martha can. She lives life in the laugh lane.”
Mark Lowry

“Martha Bolton brings her genius writing skills to express hard truths that we all need to chew on. Her unique gift of humor makes the going down so much sweeter.”
Kathy Troccoli

“Martha makes you laugh the old fashioned way–with her cleverness, wholesomeness, and realism.”
Ann Jillian

“Martha Bolton is quickly becoming the Neil Simon of Christian drama.”
Bill Keane, The Family Circus

“The best comedy writer I’ve every worked with.”
Jeff Allen