Margolyn Woods Andrews

woodsmargolynFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: Vermont, Florida
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Margolyn Woods Andrews, a former Rose Bowl Queen and actress, is a widely acclaimed speaker who has been featured at national conferences. She has emceed Chosen Women, appeared on the 700 Club and her story has been widely read in many major periodicals. You will be captivated by her living testimony of God’s grace and transforming power.

After becoming the Tournament of Roses ‘Rose Bowl Queen’, the future looked bright for Margolyn Woods. She made appearances on television’s Hollywood Squares, the Carol Burnett show, the Bob Hope Christmas special and many others. Her fairy tale lifestyle became complete with 3 national commercials airing simultaneously. However, after the parties, premieres and 2 failed marriages, Margolyn found herself 31 years old, single, pregnant and desperately seeking a happy ending. This message of hope through God’s grace is sure to offer encouragement to anyone facing difficult or uncertain times in life.

Topics include:

Being The Best You Can Be
We can’t be all God intended for us to be if we don’t take care of ourselves! Margolyn takes scripture along with a little humor to help us see just what God sees as a “beautiful woman”.

Influencing the Lives Around Us
Our lives should be a testimony to Jesus Christ. Margolyn shares ideas to plant seeds in the lives around us.

Retreat- A Quiet Place of Rest
The “abundant life” is resting in in the love of Jesus Christ. Through His Word, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians, we can find a quiet place of rest.

Journey to the Crown
God has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us. Margolyn shares scriptures to help us find the path that God intended just for our journey.