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westaferlynFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Indiana
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Worship Leader. Recording Artist. Speaker. Wife. Mother. These are the facets of Lyn Westafer’s life and music. Her music is a testimony to a life she has worked hard to shape to God’s will, despite the challenges of life that all women face. She sings with a passion to reach women with the truths and lessons she has learned as she has grown as a woman of God. Lyn considers herself a “work in progress,” but after years spent using her voice to minister to others, she understands so much more than she did before she became fully obedient to God. She has a heart for God and a deep desire to lead women to the throne of grace through worship.

Lyn’s music has a quality that transcends any occasion and reaches out to touch listeners with messages of hope and inspiration. Her music has been known to be a lifeline to women caught in the “super woman” myth. Often women are expected to excel at being mother, wife, counselor, cook, career woman, financial planner and more. Lyn has been there, and has a special message for those who are struggling to “keep all together.”

Lyn and her husband will be the first to tell you that life in the ministry isn’t always easy. She is eager to share what God has taught her and how you can have victory through difficult times. She has learned the true meaning of the apostle Paul’s words to “count it joy when you face various trials.” She has seen the beautiful, redemptive work of God in difficult situations. She has learned much about prayer and commitment through these experiences, and has a better understanding of hearing God’s voice. Lyn has learned that it is important to pray the heart of God. She is excited to share these lessons with every woman she meets in contact with, and her personal walk of faith has led her to share these hard-won truths with you.

Lyn’s ministry is a light in the darkness to every-day people who are struggling in the murk and muck of worldly affairs. Her light-filled laughter, infused personality and straightforward approach to life will challenge women facing today’s overwhelming world. Her musical testimony shows others that to die to self and live for God can bring about changes that will help them withstand anything the world can bring their way.

Lyn grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, and attended Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina. She traveled with Derric Johnson’s Re’Generation for three years. She has recorded an album under the Brentwood Music label, as well as many commercial jingles, including one for McDonalds. Lyn has led worship and spoken for many women’s conferences and retreats, including Women’s Weekend Getaway.

She and her husband, Bill, live in Marion, Indiana. They have two children whom she homeschools. Sara is a seventeen-year-old senior; Aaron is in the eighth grade and is thirteen years old.

Topics include:

The Treasury of the Lord
Our lives are God treasure box. He is very specific about what we put in the Treasury of the Lord. He wants us to prioritize our life so that we spend time on what is important and not the urgent.

The Naked Truth
What is the truth about your role as a woman? Is it to have a husband and spoil him? Do you need children to care for? What if you don’t have a husband? Maybe you just need a good career. People from all walks of life have influenced us, but God’s Word clearly defines what our role should be. Learn the truth as Lyn shares what she has learned about her privilege and responsibility as a woman.

Prayer – Just Do It!
We are educated far beyond our level of obedience, even in the area of prayer. Let’s quit talking about prayer and actually cry out to God.


“Her genuine love for the Lord and desire to be in His presence is expressed in all she does. She will wow you musically and lead you into the presence of the Lord. It is rare to find talent that is fully surrendered, backed by a deep walk that is supported by her family life. You will be greatly blessed.”
Ron Smith, Pastor, Sunnycrest Baptist Church
Marion, Indiana

“Lyn is a Godly woman with a spirit of enthusiasm and power. She is committed to God’s word and to the church. I have worked alongside of Lyn for the last 5 years and have been inspired to life above mediocrity. She is a comedienne and a prophet at the same time.
You will be blessed beyond words. I highly recommend Lyn Westafer.”
Lori Salierno, CEO and founder Celebrate Life Int’l Int’l, Author, Speaker
Acworth, Georgia

“Lyn has the unique ability to effectively minister to women of all ages. Her musical ability, humor, people skills and love for people is exceeded only by her love for the Lord.”
Phil Waldrep, Phil Waldrep Ministries
Trinity, Alabama

“The first album I produced out of college was for Lyn Westafer. I knew she was extremely talented, but it wasn’t until I produced other singers that I realized just how incredible her artistry was! Her vocal range appears endless, and her talent is immense, but the most impressive aspect of her singing is the passion of a true believer that pours through each lyric and melody line she sings. Her voice is amazing – her heart is genuine – her testimony is sincere. What a refreshing combination.”
Russell Mauldin, Producer, Writer, Arranger
Nashville, Tennessee

“Lyn Westafer is one of the rare soloists who can combine vocal artistry with spiritual enthusiasm.
Her music is impeccable . . . her spirit is contagious . . . her presentation is touching.”
Derric Johnson, Producer, Arranger, Author
Orlando, Florida

“Lyn Westafer has the unique gift of singing that brings a holy hush upon the audience . . . and one becomes aware of the presence of Christ as He radiates though her.”
Dr. Billy Cline, Pastor
Asheville, North Carolina

“Some people sing notes. Lyn sings a message! Her faith in Christ is dynamic and she sings it just that way. She emulates the power in the transformational gospel message through her music. Lyn’s ministry is always a welcome enhancement to Grace Presbyterian Church.”
David G. McKechnie, Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church
Houston, Texas