Lael Arrington

arringtonlaelFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: Texas
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Take the humor and passion of a mostly reformed Cosmic Blonde, add the depth of a master’s degree in the history of ideas, and tenderize with twenty-five years of rheumatoid arthritis. Salt with years of biblical studies, spice up with life as a pastor’s wife and you have Lael Arrington-a speaker with a mission to move not just minds, but hearts for Christ.

With transparency and intellectual grit, Lael challenges her audiences to live for Christ’s Kingdom in today’s culture.

Lael brings a wealth of experience to her messages drawn from teaching women’s Bible studies in churches as well as Western thought and culture in schools and colleges. She currently co-hosts The Things That Matter Most, a unique radio talk show that examines the evidence for our deepest beliefs in dialogues with practicing Hindus, humanist professors and Christian apologists. Her opportunities to discuss intelligent design with Phillip Johnson or a Barbara Walters’ TV special on heaven with Randy Alcorn enrich her presentations.

In her messages from her newest book, Godsight: Renewing the Eyes of Our Hearts, Lael shares her experience of how we can settle for seeking God out of duty and resignation. We can even substitute a passion for Truth as ideas for a passion for the Truth-Maker as a Person. Her messages show how God wants to redeem our imaginations to enjoy him more than a “holiday at the sea.”

Lael also speaks to clarify a Christian worldview so we don’t live with a privatized faith or a loss of confidence that God’s Word is trustworthy in today’s world. She casts a vision for life change, strengthening both our beliefs in God and our desires for God.

Books: Godsight (Crossway Books, 2005) Pilgrim’s Progress Today (NavPress 2002), and Worldproofing Your Kids (Crossway Books, 1997). Lael’s writings and stories have been included in several other books as well, including What We’ve Learned So Far (Cook, 2004).

Media: Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey, At Home Live!, Janet Parshall’s America, Moody’s Morning Drive Time and Mid-Day Connection, Point of View, American Family Radio and dozens of others. Her writing has been featured in Focus on the Family and World magazines.

Lael and her husband, Jack, make their home among the azaleas and dogwoods of the Texas woodlands and are delighted when their grown son, Zach, pops in for a visit, even though he’s usually looking for food.

Topics include:

Godsight: Renewing the Eyes of Our Hearts:
Loving God from duty or delight?
Growing our vision and mission
Exposing the pride that hides
Eternity in our hearts and through the gates

Fairy Tales and Contentment:
Reconciling our expectations with reality and eternity
Appearance: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Possessions: Confessions of an Enchanted Frog
Performance: Tap Dancing with Wonder Woman

Worldproofing Our Kids
How do we have confidence our faith is true? (esp. in postmodern times)
Where have we come from? (Evolution vs. intelligent design)
What are we supposed to be doing? (entertainment, gifting and purpose)

Leadership Training
Moving Not Just Minds, but Hearts for Christ
A Thinking Woman’s Journey with Christ
Connecting with the Hearts of Today’s Audience
Guarding Our Hearts in the Jesus Market


“A profound message. I was personally humbled and challenged in my television show and in my writing to examine my own ministry and make sure I don’t cheapen the timeless message of the gospel and the glory of God.”
Shirley Rose, author and host of Aspiring Women TV

“Lael Arrington brings contemporary issues into the light of biblical truth in a way that increases our understanding of both-without rhetoric and paranoia. We will use this book (Worldproofing Your Kids) in our home for many years to come.”
John Eldredge
Author, The Sacred Romance and Wild at Heart

Lael Arrington’s “Godsight” is a work of great spiritual insight. Although it is the story of her own spiritual journey, so much of it is applicable to my own life that at times I thought it might have been written just for me.”
Phillip Johnson
Author Darwin on Trial

“Here (in Godsight) is a book to make every western-world woman wince and squirm and laugh and then bow her head: “Lord, now I see it.”
Howard and Jeanne Hendricks
Center for Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary

“Lael Arrington raises significant questions, dares to challenge our pre-existing view of who God is, reveals what authentic redemption looks like, and challenges us to develop Godsight, instead of humansight.”
Carol Kent
Author, When I Lay my Isaac Down
President, Speak Up Speakers Services

“Lael’s conference with us was incredible. Our women are of 15 nationalities, 19 church denominations, ages 20 to 85; and yet the Holy Spirit enabled her to connect with each of us.”
Shirley Smith
Union Church of Guatemala
Central America

“In Worldproofing Your Kids we found a worldview resource we were looking for. Lael delivered a weekend seminar that exceeded our expectations, bringing a fresh challenge that was practical in nature and easily understood.”
Rick Martin, Principal of Cornerstone Christian School
Rockingham County, VA

“Godsight ‘connects the dots’ in a way that satisfies the intellect and the imagination.”
Sue Bohlin
Probe Ministries

“One of the strongest books (Worldproofing)… at this summer’s Christian booksellers convention. Mrs. Arrington’s real talent is translating Schaefer, Darwin, Woody Allen and even Carl Sagan for soccer Moms.”
World Magazine