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Kim de Blecourt is a media veteran, experienced speaker, writer, and author. She is also a called upon expert regarding international adoption. From breakout sessions to keynote addresses to retreat events, Kim is known for her dramatic personal testimony of God’s faithfulness and her encouragement to others during times of trial.

Kim is the author of “Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom” with Ginger Kolbaba (FaithWords, November 2012). It tells the daring, true story of God’s faithfulness and Kim’s determination to bring her son home.

During her yearlong struggle to extricate her newly adopted little boy from the post-Soviet Ukraine’s corrupt social service and judicial systems, de Blecourt was intimidated, physically assaulted, and arrested. Worse, her months of loneliness, worry, and fear drove her to the brink of despair. But God had no intention of abandoning de Blecourt or her family.

“While this book describes my journey, it is really God’s story, because there is no other logical explanation for how things ultimately worked out except by God’s hand,” says de Blecourt.

Kim is a strong advocate for international adoption having started her own ministry, Nourished Hearts, which supports all aspects of orphan care. “We, who have so much, need to reach out to the orphans of this world and show them the care, hope, and love they deserve.”
Kim was featured on the cover of “Today’s Christian Woman” magazine in November/December 2012, and the story titled “A Home for All Children.” She has also been featured in radio, newspaper and social media interviews around the country including FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey and Bob LePine, National Public Radio (NPR) and LifeLine with Craig Roberts.

Kim follows her heavenly Father’s lead as she cares for the abandoned and hurting. She witnesses to others and distributes New Testaments at every opportunity. Kim and her husband, Jahn, have been married for fifteen years. They are the parents of two children, Jacey (age 12) and their recently adopted son Jake (age 6). They live in Michigan.

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“Kim de Blecourt not only has a compelling story but a heart that draws you in. Kim has shared her journey at a Praise and Coffee Night and on an Author Night, and you could have heard a pin drop! I’ve recommended Kim to a few churches and event coordinators for women’s ministry already. She’s a blessing.”
–Sue Cramer, Founder of Praise and Coffee Ministry and Magazine

“Kim de Blecourt has lived, breathed and walked in places that many will never experience. She will take you on a journey of faith, persistence and an unwavering fight for all of your unrealized dreams. You will be inspired and motivated to stay the course until you win!”
–Karla Marie Williams, President of Family by Design