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Location: Arizona
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“Dream Big!” “Trust God!” “Let Go!” “Perservere!” “Pray!” “Encourage one another!” “Reach Out!” That’s Kathe Wunnenberg!

Kathe’s creativity, transparency, and ability to connect with an audience, individual or leadership team and help them connect with God’s truth and one another are her trademarks. . God has sustained Kathe through corporate success, starting a ministry, leaving a ministry she loved, miscarriages, infertility, adoption, depression, losing her infant son, having babies in her forties, and parenting pre-schoolers with a teenager. She loves to help people share their personal stories and serves as a trainer with Speak Up With Confidence Seminars. Kathe is the founder of Hopelifters Unlimited, a Christian network and resource organization. She is the author of three books: Longing for a Child, Grieving the Child I Never Knew, and Grieving The Loss of a Loved One. (Zondervan) She lives in the desert with her husband and three sons and looks forward to connecting with you up close and personal.

For further information visit Kathe’s web site at: www.hopelifters.com.

Topics include:

Vision, Purpose
Living Connected


“No two messages will ever be the same as she has a gift for custom creating what she shares to speak to her audience. Her message is one of hope, healing and inspiration. She takes you beyond the moment to what could and should be, challenging and connecting with you. It is obvious; she is passionate about the Lord and the people she speaks with. Kathe and I have shared many life experiences together, served side by side in ministry and giggled as girlfriends. I am her number one (ok, so I’m not her only one!) cheerleader!”
Lisa Jernigan, Co Founder, Girlfriends Unlimited!

“Kathe Wunnenberg lives and breathes compassion and genuine love for the hearts she touches. With transparency, she captures the hearts of the wounded, offering healing and encouragement; and becomes a companion to those grieving as she shares her experience. As a prayer warrior Kathe leads in a gentle but powerful way, using words of TRUTH, while making it possible for others to connect in an environment of grace and acceptance.”
Chris Fowler, Retreat Director, North Ridge Community Church

“Kathe Wunnenberg spoke at our annual Board Retreat. She was our “vision-caster” and completely set the tone for our strategic planning by speaking on “Divine Vision”. She spoke with humor and passion, and gave us the challenge of needing an intercessory prayer team, as well as figuring out who our “Moses” should be. Kathe was an excellent kick-off to our Retreat, and the information she shared helped shape our entire meeting. We would be very quick to invite her back!”
Laurie Ficarra
Board Vice-Chair
Phoenix Rescue Mission