Joyce Sankey

sankeyjoyceFee Range: $2000+, $3000+
Location: Michigan
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Joyce Sankey presents a refreshingly Christian voice for female comics in the country today. A native of Detroit, Michigan, she started working in local comedy clubs where she shared the stage with some of the most popular comedians today, including TV’s Tim Allen (Home Improvement) and Dave Coulier (Full House). Following God’s direction, she later moved out of the clubs and began performing for area churches and in the Mid-West.

Joyce’s comedy is a unique blend of stories and plain real life. Her talents include over 50 impressions, and she brings a few of her celebrity favorites to her performances. Being raised in an Arabic household, Joyce has plenty of jokes to tell on her fun, but worrisome, mother, and lots of advice from her wonderful, but cheap, engineering husband!

Joyce has performed for a variety of church events, banquets, and parties including New Year’s Eve, Singles and Couples functions, choir groups, Teacher’s Appreciation dinner, Valentine’s Dinner, Christmas Advent Teas, Women’s Ministries, fund raisers, and Evangelical outreach dinners. Joyce was one of the pioneering comedians for WMUZ 103.5 FM COMEDY FOR A CAUSE.

Among her notable credits are a performance in California at Pastor Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, and being honored as the only female comic participating with Ken Davis in Orlando for KEN DAVIS and FRIENDS concert (now available on DVD).


Following her “many years” of note-taking as a faithful student in Bible Study Fellowship, Joyce is also available to speak at women’s retreats, giving serious Bible lessons as well as comedy. WINNING WOMEN FOR CHRIST was among her retreat events. Being a home school mother of three kids, one on his way into the teenage years, Joyce has plenty of material on being a mom, raising and teaching children. Transparent and REAL, she is not ashamed to say she has not attained all Christ has for her. While challenging listeners to continue learning from the Lord, Joyce often uses her beautiful solo voice to share a song and close the evening in prayer. Retreat topics available are:

Gospel of John
The book of James
Life of Moses
The book of Hebrews