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Jill Rigby is an accomplished author, speaker, columnist, television and radio personality, and CEO of Manners of the Heart Community Fund, a non-profit organization working to bring a return of civility and respect to our society.

Things were different, though, in 1989 when a simple assignment at her twin boy’s elementary school sparked a flame that has propelled Jill into the national spotlight as one of the nation’s foremost authorities on manners—in the home, in the classroom, and in the marketplace.

After teaching table manners to 150 children in that local school, she became inundated with requests for her curriculum. As demand grew, so did the curriculum, which is now in over 700 elementary schools in the US and abroad.

Jill speaks to thousands of educators, parents and businesses across the nation and continents each year. Whether helping parents raise respectful children in our disrespectful world or training executives in effective communication skills, the definition of manners remains the same—an attitude of the heart that is self-giving, not self-serving.

Known for her “unending energy and outrageous passion,” behind the radiant smile is a testimony of God’s faithful restoration of an exhausted soul and a broken heart. Living to bring others to their purpose, Jill’s contagious obsession to change the world will fill your soul, touch your heart, and get your feet moving to the beat of the Savior’s heart.

Topics include:

Parents and Educators
Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World
Are you loosing the battle with your children? Do you feel defeated by disobedience? Your home can be the place of safety and joy it was meant to be. It’s not easy, but it can be done. In this powerful presentation parents find help in accomplishing that seemingly impossible task of raising children who will affect the world rather than become infected by it. Topics covered:

* The School of Respect
* Kids need self-respect not self-esteem
* Coach don’t cheerlead
* Use discipline not punishment
* Engage rather than entertain
* Teach gratefulness not greediness
* Shield your treasures from the trash
* Build humble confidence

What others are saying:

“Hands were still raised after a half hour of questions following her talk.”

“Jill opened my heart to my children.”

“Jill made me believe I can raise respectful kids no matter how bad the world is.”


The Crossroads of Life
”Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it.”
We often complain that we’re “waiting on God.” The truth is He’s waiting for us! When we come to the crossroads of life we find God is there with our purpose for living. A deeper look into Psalm 119 will help us turn to Him when we’re finally ready to follow His path for our lives, rather than our own path.

“Do the 139!”
A phrase coined by Jill’s Bible study group. Take a much closer look and gain a deeper understanding of a life transforming scripture found in Psalm 139. Praying this scripture faithfully everyday will open your heart and soul to God’s will for your life. Jill explains the importance of allowing God to show us ourselves as He sees us, so that we can begin to change into His image and walk in the way everlasting.

Women’s Retreat
“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!”
The joy of obedience! Jill shares how obedience is truly greater than sacrifice, opening the way for God’s blessings in our lives. Learn how to “run in the path of His commands, so He can set your heart free” as you work through the three stages of abandoning it all to Christ and discover how to find freedom to be who God created you to be:

“No”— being held in bondage
“Maybe”— beginning of worship
“Yes, Sir!”— becoming the woman you were created to be

What others are saying…

“Jill’s message of God’s faithfulness touched the hearts of our ladies. Several ladies came forward to relinquish years of bitterness after her presentation.”

“I’ll never forget the question, ‘Where are You?’”

“Every believer years for intimacy with God, yet is challenged to attain it. Jill speaks out of a heart of intimacy with God. Through her openness and vulnerability, she pulls back the curtain on a deep devotional life that reveals the Father’s presence and lavish love for those who walk the way of the cross.”

Business and corporate

The Business of Manners
In today’s marketplace whether you’re a neighborhood business, law firm, school system, or a mega corporation, returning to the old-fashioned standards of respectfulness exhibited in common courtesies will make your business stand heads above the rest.
When everyone succeeds, the company succeeds
“We” attitude, not the “Me” attitude
Becoming the person you want to do business with

The Business of Life
What goals have you set for yourself pertaining to your career and your personal life? Is your
goal to be better than someone else or is it to be better than yourself? What is your definition of success? Is it more about what you have or who you are?
Formulating a mission statement
Defining your competition
Developing humble confidence

The Business of Communication
In a recent survey by IDC Canada and Mastech Quantum IS, 85f managers considered
personality traits and communication skills more important than technical skills.
Verbal and nonverbal skills
Telephone etiquette
Effective listening skills

The Business of Dress
Your clothing can communicate confidence and knowledge or insecurity and inexperience. What is your appearance telling others? Your dress tells your customer how much you care…about yourself, your business, and your customer.
Sending the right message
When business casual is too casual
Attention to details

The Business of Etiquette
Whether a prospective employer is taking you to lunch or you’re trying to win the big contract, your table manners can make or break the deal. This session is taught during a tutorial meal…
Guest and host responsibilities
Preplanning for the business meal
International differences.

One and two day complete training or individual presentations.

What others are saying…

“We’ve seen huge improvements in our employees’ customer relations since the training.”

“It’s been six months since our training and people still quote Jill almost daily.”

“Thank you for bringing energy and enthusiasm to our group.”

“Thanks for a great day. Now that I’ve seen you in action I truly understand where the ‘heart’ from your motto resides. The passion in your eyes and voice made me smile.”

“I, for one, needed to hear you message. Thank you for training our company.”