Jerry Ackerman

ackermanjerryFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Indiana
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Jerry Ackerman has been speaking to audiences nationwide for nearly a decade. His “down-to-earth” style is appealing and fitting for all age groups and backgrounds. A master storyteller, Jerry combines humor, passion, and expression to bring a message of Grace.

Having ministered in the local church for eight years as a youth and associate pastor, Jerry has the experience of “being in the trenches” that appeals to those who are working daily with adults and teenagers alike.

Jerry has also written several books including Beyond the Five Senses, The Character of a Christian, and 40 Days With God. These books coincide with the messages that God has laid on his heart.

Besides being the Director of Jerry Ackerman Ministries (, Jerry is the President of Barnabas Project (, a ministry devoted to encouraging pastors, missionaries, and families through support-raising conferences, pastor retreat weeks, and marriage seminars.

Jerry is available to speak on a variety of topics. Some of his sessions include:

Combating Fear
We are faced daily with bad news: terrorism, neighborhood crime, natural disasters, sudden death, and the list continues. Where is God and how do we respond? In this series of workshops, learn about:
Combating Fear in a World in Downward Spiral
Scripture’s Truths About Fear
A Practical Plan to Combat Fear in Your Life
and more!

Good to Godly -Some are lured into thinking that their marriage or family is going well. Some are convinced that their marriage or family is fine. God is calling you and I to turn our good marriage/family into a Godly one. In this series of teachings, learn about:
The Causes and Traits of a Dangerous, Good, and Godly Marriage
A Child’s Role and the Parent’s Responsibility
Sibling Relationships
The Five Disputes in Marriage (And How to Solve Them)
Children and Authority
and more!

Creating Margin in Life
Our culture presses us to do more, work and volunteer, spend and be happy, gather more stuff … until we realize that our life is a whirlwind. Were we created to live on the edge? Does God intend for us to max out every facet of life? In these workshops, learn about:
Creating Margin in Your Personal Life
Creating Margin in Your Professional Life
Creating Margin for Your Children
and more!

Spiritual Disciplines
In a world that is fast and busy, we need to remember that God has called us to be passionate about Him. In this series of workshops, learn about:
Listening to God
Journaling in Your Quiet Time
From Fear to Faith: Implementing a Life of Courage
and more!

Dating: The 8 Questions

What or Who is Your Passion?
What Do You Want Most of All in a Person?
The Christian Questions
The Tests for Your Future Mate

Topics include:

Teen Programs
Take a Second Look series. This series focuses on four aspects in taking a second look at the Cross, our view of God, dating, and our future. This series is biblically-based with the theme being living a life of grace.

Hear Any Beeps? This talk or series focuses on an issue that has been done a hundred times – dating. Jerry, though, gives a fresh perspective on dating and the opportunities that God has in store for your future. Through eight provoking questions, teenagers are called to see if they hear any beeps in their dating life.

Combating Fear in a World in Downward Spiral. This talk or series of talks focuses on what every teenager must wonder since 9/11 – “What is going on?” Through practical steps, Jerry takes the audience through ways we as Christians need to combat the fear of a world seemingly out of control. Only knowing the peace of God will we be able to put the world’s events in perspective.

Adult Programs
Good to Godly Marriage series. This wonderful series teaches God’s desire for us to have Godly marriages. Many today are living a “good” marriage that can actually not be healthy or biblical. This series describes practical ways to transform your marriage into a Godly one.

Operating Out of Grace. As Christians, we often treat others as sinners which gives ourselves permission to avoid, ignore, or become prideful toward others’ mistakes and sins. Living in grace means we understand the sin in their life, realize we have our own, and walk with them – hand in hand – toward God’s resolution. This series could change the way you look at life and others.

Designing Space in Your Life. We are busy people, yet that is not what God has called us to be. He has called us to “love Him” with all of our heart, soul, and mind. How can we, as Christians, live a life with space? In the midst of schedules, appointments, parties, agendas, and meetings, how can we make space for our lives? In this seminar, you will not only learn practical ways design such a life, but you’ll hear how to choose anything else is a step toward devestation.


“Jerry Ackerman is a life-long friend that I’m proud to know. I’ve seen him grow into the man he is today: a man of strong character and integrity that has his priorities in the proper order. First and foremost, he loves God with all his heart; he loves his family and desires to serve others, and I believe he will make a difference in this world that will impact the world to come.”
Michael W. Smith’s keyboardist, Jim Daneker

“An incredible speaker … He provides a surprising amount of humor. His messages are both challenging and encouraging. I have seen him with teens and there are few that can relate in such a powerful way to this generation.”
Tony Wolf, Comedian/Musician

“I have known Jerry since he was in college, and have worked with him in several ministry oriented occasions. He has a great heart for God, a love for people, a willingness to work, a creative mind…if you want more, I could give it to you. In short, if I were in a situation where I was looking for a speaker, Jerry would be one of the first people I would think of calling.”
Tommy Oaks, Nationally Known Evangelist,