Heidi McLaughlin

mclaughlinheidiFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: British Columbia
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From creation to this very moment, women crave connections. Connections with friends. Connections with God. HEART CONNECTIONS. Heidi McLaughlin embraces women with love and inspires them to connect to God and to each other.
Her Ministry called “HEART CONNECTION” inspires women to be filled with JOY and to know that they are one of God’s most marvelous creations.

Heidi finds that most women’s hearts are running on empty these days. She teaches women to “take care of their hearts” through stories of her own painful real life experiences and through the amazing truths of God’s promises. She does this through bible class teachings, retreats, conferences, mentoring, counseling or one on one over a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Some of her speaking topics are: Renovations of my Heart; The Stinky Heart; Wrapped in Love; Has anyone seen my Designer Label?; All Dressed up and Some Place to Go.

Heidi’s first husband died playing basketball just 2 weeks before a Christmas season. This taught her that she could either give up on life or hang on and reclaim the joy that she once had. She chose Joy and is living it out every day of her life.

Heidi has since remarried to a miracle called “Jack” who is a Pastor of a large church. She is now a mother and step mother of a blended family. She believes that the hand of God has moved so uniquely in her life that she wanted to record this amazing heritage. She wrote the book “LOOKING BACK AND ENJOYING THE VIEW” and recorded her life’s journey for this generation to enjoy and the next generation to claim.

Heidi loves to write articles and one of her stories is published in the book “KISSES OF SUNSHINE FOR GRANDMAS” (Zondervan).


“Heidi is one of those rare individuals with the gift of being able to communicate incredible insight and truth in the context of real life. She’s dynamic and compelling. Heidi’s presentations emerge out of life of dedication and service to God and her church. Her messages ring true because they’re backed by her own contagious walk with God.”
Dr. Tim Schroeder, St. Pastor of Heidi’s Home Church
Kelowna, B.C. Canada

“Through story telling, visual aids and personal testimony, Heidi has challenged our women to grow and become active in their faith. She has clearly shown that we are of great worth and value to God and each other.”
Joan Remillard
Evangelical Missionary Church, Kelowna, B.C. Canada

‘Heidi completely engages her audience within the first few minutes. She has a wonderful rapport with women and makes a personal connection when she speaks. Her presentations are sensitive, passionate and humorous.”
Lee Gibson, Areas Representative
Stonecroft Ministes, British Colmbia