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Location: Florida
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Eva Marie Everson grew up in a rural southern town in Georgia just outside of Savannah. She is married, has four children and four grandchildren, and lives in Central Florida. She taught Old Testament theology for six years at Life Training Center in Longwood, Florida and has written numerous articles for Crosswalk.com (including the acclaimed Falling Into The Bible series), and has had articles featured in Christian Bride Magazine, Christian Retailing Magazine, The Godly BusinessWoman and Marriage Partnership magazines as well as a number of others. Eva Marie has been interviewed by a number of media outlets including radio, television, newspaper, and the Internet. In 2002 Eva Marie was one of six Christian journalists sent to Israel for a special ten-day press tour. She was forever changed.

Eva Marie’s work includes the award winning Shadow of Dreams as well as Summon the Shadows, Shadows of Light, True Love, One True Vow, Silver and Gold, Intimate Moments with God, and Intimate Encounters with God. Recently released work: the award winning The Pot Luck Club & Sex, Lies & the Media. In 2006/2007 look for The Potluck Club: Trouble’s Brewing; The Potluck Club Stirs It Up; Sex, Lies and High School; Oasis: A Spa for Body & Soul, and Arise, My Soul, Arise!. Eva is a contributing author and/or editor to a number of publications.

Eva Marie is a graduate of Andersonville Theological Seminary, a board member of Right to the Heart Ministries, president of AWSA (Advanced Writers & Speakers Association) and the recipient of their Member of the Year Award for 2002, president of Word Weavers, a graduate of CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, Speakers Services), a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and a Certified Personality Trainer. She is a member of WIN (Writers Information Network) and is a noted speaker on a variety of subjects for workshops, retreats, conferences and seminars. Her passion is helping others to hear the heartbeat of God.


“I believe she could talk about dirt and make it interesting…”
Manton Horton, Sunday School Superintendent
1st United Methodist Church, Waynesboro, GA

Eva Marie Everson spoke for our Women’s Christmas Tea in December of 2004 and what a great message she had for us. Her humor paved the way for the truth of the Word to be received and responded to. It was obvious that her love of scripture is the foundation of her ministry. It was a joy working with her in every way. She was professional and at the same time, immediately felt like part of the family. We would love to have Eva Marie involved in our Women’s Ministry in the future.
Dennise Dekle
Women’s Ministry
Calvary Chapel
Gulf Breeze, Fl

Topics include:

Weekend Retreats

Arise, My Soul, Arise!
By far the most spiritually challenging weekend you will ever encounter! Using eight songs found in Scripture, Eva Marie will guide you toward spiritual maturity. Learn more about being freed from the captivity of sin, learning to be His servant, receiving your call and moving constantly toward the throne of grace and mercy. This is a very intense, seven-session weekend. It comes complete with teaching, breakout sessions and one-on-one prayer time. If your group is seeking spiritual maturity in Christ, this is the place to begin! Arise, My Soul, Arise will be released as a book in late 2007.

Falling Into the Bible
After her 2002 trip to Israel, Eva Marie wrote an acclaimed series titled Falling Into The Bible for Crosswalk.com. Based on those articles, this weekend presentation explores The Land of the Bible and details the spiritual lessons learned from the holy sites. See and feel the places where God first moved, where Jesus walked, and where His followers first brought Christianity into being. Your group will leave on fire for the Word of God and with a greater understanding as to why the only place we’ve been commanded to pray for is within the boundaries of Israel.

Prayer; What a Concept
Silence. Speaking boldly. Coming into the Presence of the Most High God. Do you really understand what happens in prayer? Are you ready to take a weekend to find out? This retreat requires women to be ready to sit silent before God as it teaches the awesome power and awesome honor of conversing with God.

The Woman In Me Seminar
Studying the lives of several of the Bibles most popular female characters, Eva Marie tells how each one of them has left an indelible mark in each of our lives. The seminar can be a any number of parts of a series that includes the stories of Hannah, Jezebel, Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary of Bethany, the Shulamite Woman, Deborah, Ruth, and the Queen of Sheba. This seminar is among Eva Marie’s most requested presentations.

Shorter Presentations

Becoming the Bridegroom’s Bride
“I believe the sweetest proposal of eternal marriage was whispered from the Cross,” Eva Marie states emphatically. Eva Marie explains what it means to be the Bride of Christ, what is expected of her during the betrothal, how she remains faithful to her vow to serve her Bridegroom, and how Christ prepares a Place for her in Glory.

Power of One
Moses, the man who led his people out of captivity and yet he began life as just ONE little baby boy, ONE who survived. Gideon, ONE poor man from ONE poor tribe, and yet he successfully led warriors into battle and became a noted Judge of Israel. Mary, ONE young maiden, poor and from an oppressed people, and yet she gave birth to the Messiah. Jesus, ONE man, ONE solitary life that changed eternity. In this workshop, young people and adults learn more about what God can do with them, and the Power of One. This topic is perfect for youth rallies, etc.

Why Jesus Understands Your Past & Cares About Your Future
In this zany study of the first verses found in the gospel, Eva Marie sweeps listeners through a history lesson of the genealogy of Jesus and, in the end, explains why Jesus so perfectly understands our past and cares about our future. This teaching is excellent for bringing believers to a new level of intimacy with Jesus and unbelievers to the foot of the cross.

Sex, Lies, and High School
(Presented with Daughter Jessica)
“Our children are in a daily war. If you have a television, computer, radio, magazines or books in your home, the war is within your own four walls.” Based on their books “Sex, Lies, and High School” and “Sex, Lies, and the Media,” Eva Marie and Jessica Everson are sure to captivate audiences of Christian parents and grandparents as they explain the effects of media on today’s youth culture. Eva Marie is associated with the National Coalition for Protection of Children & Families and has done extensive research into this critical subject matter. Due to the sensitive nature, teens and younger children should be excluded from this presentation.