Dr. Don and Anne Denmark

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Location: California
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For Don and Anne Denmark their life together is their ministry. Don is a disciplined, sequential thinker. Anne is creative and intuitive. Don has the spiritual gifts of teaching and administration. Anne has the gift of encouragement. Don is motivated by needs. Anne is motivated by challenges. Together they teach, speak, lead and play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses to encourage and equip marriages.

Don and Anne have served as an elder couple in a dynamic, fast growing metropolitan church; led small groups; counseled couples; facilitated Intimate Encounters courses; given keynote addresses at retreats and conferences; coached and supported couples in leadership; developed training for married medical professionals; and hosted medical students for Bible studies in their home. Currently Don and Anne are having a blast teaching a marriage series at their church.

The Denmarks are trainers with Speak Up With Confidence, a three-day seminar for men and women with potential as speakers, teachers and leaders interested in developing the skill of speaking with confidence and clarity. They offer workshops in Creativity and Learning Styles for advanced speakers. Don stands in awe when God performs the miraculous and feels closest to God when he witnesses the birth of a baby. Anne loves God’s creative nature and feels closest to God in the garden.

Best friends, Don and Anne met on Friday the 13th at Don’s fraternity. It was love at first sight. But without Christ, in just two years their overly ambitious career goals and poor communication skills drove their relationship to the brink of divorce. It was then, when Don cried out to God for help that they experienced their first miracle of a changed life. Now more than 35 years later and both committed to Christ, they relate humorous and poignant stories of life in a medical marriage.

This couple shares some amazing life experiences. Transforming an old funeral parlor into their first family home with Don’s medical office just beyond the kitchen door, miscarriages, raising a child with ADD, recovering from burnout and depression, extended mission trips to Ethiopia and Nigeria, and immigrating from Ontario, Canada, to Oklahoma are just a few of their memorable moments. Following the tragic and untimely death of Anne’s parents and a near fatal car accident in which Don saved Anne’s life, they consider every day another opportunity to touch a life for Christ.

It is a season of new directions for the Denmarks. Although all three of their children are out of the nest, they remain very involved relishing the pleasures of parenthood and facing the challenges with heartfelt prayer. Allison is a freelance writer and editor living in Sacramento with her husband Michael. Matthew, a professional volleyball player, splits his time between Nashville and Europe giving Don and Anne a great excuse to travel. Jon lives in Los Angeles where his passion and talent for acoustic rap has attracted quite a following with the hipster crowd. Anne spends “Grandma Mondays” in Sacramento with grandchildren Liam and Emily who spark her creativity and keep her young at heart.

While maple syrup still runs in their blood, Don and Anne are now American citizens. They live in the Napa Valley region of Northern California.

Don is a board certified family physician executive and the Vice President of Medical Affairs for a Northern California hospital system. He also makes delicious waffles, builds beautiful bookshelves and takes amazing pictures.

Anne is a professional certified coach helping busy people discover their God-given potential and purpose and live more balanced lives. She is affiliated with the Christian Coaches Network and is a member of the International Coach Federation. Anne has an applied science bachelor’s degree in child development and a master’s degree in education with an adult education emphasis. Just for fun she has studied floral design and attended clown school.