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Location: California
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Dolley Carlson has a heartfelt desire to equip women with creative solutions to meet the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. “Women want the best for their family and their relationships. It’s wonderful to be able to share how (to do this) with God’s Word, the power of prayer, and the Lord’s love and guidance…”

Dolley miraculously survived a childhood marked by family dysfunction, turmoil, and abuse. She has used this background to minister God’s many-faceted love across America and in Kiev, Ukraine. She is a frequent speaker at women’s retreats, outreaches, luncheons, banquets, and conferences including the National Charity League and several appearances at Christian Leadership Week in Newport Beach, CA.

In addition to her speaking ministry, Dolley is an author, professional model and fashion show commentator.
Dolley has been married to her husband, Tom, for over 29 years. They have two daughters, Candy and Katie, and reside in sunny Southern California.

Topics include:

Friendship Gifts From The Heart Loving Ways to Celebrate & Cherish Friendships – Old & New

Christmas Gifts From The Heart Wrapped in Joyous Celebration & Tied With a Ribbon of Love & Tradition

Mr. & Mrs. Gifts From The Heart Thoughtful Ways to Bless Your Marriage With Honor, Romance, Fun & Love!

Gifts From The Heart Thoughtful Ways to Bless Those You Love

This Old House Remodeling or Restoration?

The Lord is the architect of us all. In this talk, Dolley likens our hearts and souls to a house. There are many parallels between the houses we actually live in and our hearts house.

Don’t Miss the Joy!

Our hearts never stop longing for joy … both to give and receive.
Morning-by-Morning, New Mercies I See
Based on Lamentations 3:21-23

Legacy: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Here’s your opportunity to evaluate the legacy you are leaving to your children and future generations. What are you carrying from your parents and grandparents? What do you want to pass on, and what do you want to change?

Sister Act

This talk is for “sisters” in the same church family. Sisters who desire to strengthen their walk with the Lord and enrich their “family ties.”

The Call to Love ~ “Can You Hear Me Now?”

One of Many Retreat Themes: Divine Design …The Ultimate Make-Over – Hope, Renewal, Joy!

Dolley also creates and develops retreat weekends according to your personal theme choice.


“Dolley communicates with an enthusiasm and humor that will engage your women. Her practical application of Biblical truths will draw them closer to the Lord and her God-given gift for communication will capture their hearts. When Dolley speaks, your heart will resonate with hers – you know she understands.”
Diane Kohler, Pastor of Woman’s Ministries, Mariner’s Church, Irvine, CA.

“Each session the Lord spoke through Dolley to stir our hearts to respond to Him and His Word … her ministry to us not only produced fruit on the day of the retreat, but fruit that has remained many months afterwards.”
Marcia Bishop, Author and Bible Teacher, Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque, NM