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Location: Texas
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Cynthia Spell was a therapist with the Minirth-Meier Clinic for seven years, and a frequent guest speaker on the Clinic’s national radio program. She has earned master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Christian Counseling. Her clinical experience includes group, marriage and individual therapy.

Cynthia is a deeply compassionate and gifted speaker who will draw you close and hold you there while she teaches and inspires you to live and walk in the legacy God has for you. She is a woman you will love, as much for her contagious humor and warmth as for her tender heart.

She is vulnerably real, exposing the frailty in her own life to create a bridge for her audience between pain and Godly potential. Above all, she is a woman who loves the Lord and recognizes His everlasting love and grace as being the answer to our deepest cry.

Cynthia will touch you. She is a teacher with a heart that is minute-by-minute responsive to the Holy Spirit, and has a shepherd’s way of taking you where He leads. Along the way, she testifies passionately to Christ’s sacrificial and unconditional love in our lives regardless of who we are or what we’ve done, and to His faithfulness.

“The Lord plants seeds of promise in the soil of our hearts. We may do things to delay their growth, but God doesn’t take back those seeds. That’s grace! And eventually, in His faithfulness, He brings them to fruition.”

This is a woman who has been blessed to be a blessing – an outpouring – to others. Her credentials and experience as a Christian therapist, nationally popular speaker and author have made her a compelling and effective witness, but it is here heart that will reach you. And it is her message, regardless of her topic, that will convict and convince you that it is from a broken heart that God shapes the pieces of a masterpiece.

As a counselor, speaker, author and church leader, Cynthia has worked one-on-one with women struggling with a myriad of issues rooted in shame. Her teaching combines the healing truths of Scripture with sound psychological principles. She is a respected author who has co-authored three books and collaborated on a dozen books.

Her newest book, Deceived By Shame, Desired By God, published by NavPress, examines shame as a toxic emotional which deceives us into believing that we are irreparably damaged. “But,” Cynthia says, “The life-giving truth is that there is nothing about you or your past that God cannot redeem with His healing, unconditional love!”

Cynthia and her husband, David, are faithfully committed to the local church. They have three children, Elisabeth, Christian and Mary Camille. Her number one ministry is that of wife and Momma! When she is not searching for her purse, you can find Cynthia driving car pool, washing endless loads of laundry, calling for pizza delivery, and occasionally finding a moment of relaxation therapy through digging in the dirt and enjoying the peace of gardening.

Topics include:

The Intimacy Driven Life
Finding Joy in Unexpected Places
You are a Woman of Great Value!
The Friendships of Women
Will the Real You Please Stand Up?
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go
Lies We Believe and the Truths That Set Us Free
Key to a Great Marriage (four-part series)


“Cynthia Spell Humbert speaks with intelligence, charm, grace and a deep love of Christ. Every now and then in life, one comes across a truly gifted individual. Cynthia is such an individual. It is with the highest of confidence that I recommend her as one who is truly a sage in communication. Perhaps even more important than her giftedness is her demeanor that simple sparkles when she talks about Christ! Simply put, she may be one of the best communicators of our age.”
Dr. Frank Minirth; Richardson, TX

“Cynthia won the hearts of our audience with her unpretentious Southern charm, her tremendous insight into the relational struggles people face, and her ability to address those struggles with solid Biblical principles, and her natural and disarming wit.”
Joan Olson
Spring Hill Camps; Evart, MI

“I’ve heard many speakers through the years, but none so fresh, warm and authentic as Cynthia. She is a terrific communicator who reflects God’s love in a uniquely compassionate way.”
Marge Caldwell
Speaker, Counselor, Author; Houston, TX