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Location: Washington
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Cynthia is an author, speaker, life coach and leadership influencer. Her transparency, humor, and faithful commitment to God’s Word inspires women across North America. Cynthia longs for others to flourish with their own remarkable influence. Like most people, she has her share of ups and downs and she speaks candidly from her own journey. She believes that no pain is wasted and in those dark seasons she has found her strength in the ironclad promises of Jesus to weather the storm. Her mantra is “Live Bold and Leave a Legacy.” She believes God is calling His people out at this time in history to champion truth, justice, and strength. She is the Founder and Director of Women Emerge, a movement that encourages intentional networking and collaborating for training and greater influence. One of her most recent ventures is teaching international and adult students as an adjunct professor in the leadership degree program at Trinity Western University.

She is the author of Unveiled: Freedom to Worship God, Love Others and Tell Your StoryUnlocked: 5 Myths Holding Your Influence Captive, Under the Broom Tree: A Devotional Journal for those Struggling with Depression and several bible studies. She loves connecting over tea or coffee with a friend and indulging in fine chocolate. Shopping for just the right pair of shoes with a girlfriend makes her smile! Unashamedly, she loves Jesus and doing life with her big, loud and sometimes crazy family–faithful husband, three amazing sons, their lovely wives, AND the joyful opportunity to spoil six yummy grandchildren.

Each time my foot steps up to a platform and I open my notes looking out on a sea of faces, I take a breath and thank Jesus for the privilege it is to be His voice and teach His word. I take it very seriously and yet believe that it is what I was designed to do. I was for years a reluctant teacher; reluctant to believe that God could actually use my voice and life experience to encourage and empower others to live more fully for Him. I’ve wrestled deeply and come to embrace the gift and have had the opportunity to share in a variety of venues and events. From the west coast of North America to the East Coast and even as far as Asia, I count it a blessing to share with any audience who hunger to learn from God’s word and to live passionately for Christ and influence their corner of the world.

Whether a one-time event or weekend conference or retreat, I believe that each invitation is a God-assignment.

Themes I’ve been speaking on the past few years…

Unlocking Your Influence Series

You can change the world with your influence. In the Bible we find ordinary women who dared to believe their lives and influence could make a difference. And yet, they had questions just like us. Am I enough? Can God use me in the spite of my past? Is it the right time? Can I break out of my comfort zone? Do I have enough experience? Broken messy, imperfect women like Jael, Rahab, Ruth and others surrendered their fears and questions to God and history was changed. This series is based on the book Unlocked and identifying the myths we believe that keep us from our influence and embracing our full potential.

DARE Series

DARE to ask, Dare to BELIEVE, Dare to be MISUNDERSTOOD and DARE to dream are the topics in this series. In depth, examining real people in the bible who DARED to live life out loud and conquer their obstacles to be obedient and committed to God.

Live Unveiled Series

 Living unveiled means,  freedom to Worship God, love Others and tell Your Story (2 Corinthians 3 & 4) What keeps you from living in freedom? Are you wearing a mask to hide from others?

Sessions include: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, God’s Design After All Soul Mirrors – Stripping off the veils of Performance (need for approval), Secrecy (lack of authenticity), and the veil of Darkness (anger/depression). UNVEILED LIFE consists of: Purpose, Transparency, and Freedom. 


Real truth for real women. Sessions include: To Tell the Truth: What is God’s Truth and What do I Believe? Why Truth Matters – Consequences for Living in the Gray, Truth or Dare: Why Truth Matters in a Crisis, Unbelievable Truth: Leaving a Legacy.

SEMINARS OR WORKSHOPS (4-8 hours of teaching)

Leadership: Team Building, Values, Mission and Purpose: How do we strengthen our existing team? How can we build on each other’s strengths? How can we negotiate conflict well as a team? This session is interactive with helpful assessments, exercises and teaching. By identifying what a team is doing well and building on individual and team strengths this session helps to move a team forward toward renewed vision and purpose.

What I Know to Be True:

Opportunity to lead a leadership team or a group of leaders who desire to explore their purpose and passion of what they know to be true about their unique skills, talents and gifting. This workshop seeks to encourage others through life review to bring clarity and vision for God’s calling in their present season of life.