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Location: Georgia
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Christine Wyrtzen is the founder and director of Daughters of Promise, an international ministry for women. She is also a recording artist; author, speaker, and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Daughters of Promise, heard daily on over 500 stations. ??She has been known for over 34 years as a musician with 14 albums and three books to her credit. She’s been nominated for a Dove Award and long admired for her ability to communicate to an audience.

Daughters of Promise empowers women to live as much-loved daughters in the kingdom of God. Sounds like a simple concept, but for most women, it’s a life-changing paradigm shift. Christine is an artist with words and her poetic bent is evident. ?She has an ability to connect with people quickly. Her effectiveness is due to her obvious anointing, an innate ability to present scripture as a living revelation of God rather than an abstract textbook, and her willingness to be transparent and personalize biblical passages. Her own example becomes the nudge that persuades women to begin trusting God as completely and as simply as a little child.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Christine not only teaches but can, simultaneously, provide the worship and special music for your event. She sits at a grand piano, leads worship, shares intimately with her audience, and incorporates her flutes and recorders to add a Celtic element to the worship experience. She brings you the full package, should you desire it, and everything is thematically linked together to effectively present the realities of Christ in the most powerful way possible. Anyone who loves music and stories will remember the musical part of Christine’s ministry for a very long time.

She has been married for 37 years to Ron Wyrtzen, the youngest son of the well known evangelist, Jack Wyrtzen. They have two adult children and two beautiful grandsons, Gabe and Andy.


Story of the New Birth

What did it really mean for us to be born into a new family? Trusting God for salvation can remain an abstract term for most Christians. In the meantime, they fail to realize that they were given a heavenly Parent to re-parent them. All the places where their growth has been stunted, emotionally and spiritually, God can repair and heal.

How does a woman live as a much loved daughter of God instead of feeling like an orphan who gets her needs met from people and achievements? Christine is very passionate about this session. She outlines ten characteristics of a spiritual orphan, then a daughter. Women identify where they’ve been stuck, some for a lifetime. She shows them how to access the healing of God in practical and permanent ways. This one session alone is the best of Christine’s event sessions. 75 minute presentation

Survival Skills for the Storms of Life

Pain is blinding and often debilitating. It renders us inoperable and worse yet, often gives us the perspective that God is far away and unconcerned by our struggles. Christine has been there . . . back at square one with God. She will share her story with you while she skillfully weaves in “Seven Survival Tools” that will carry us through the storms that threaten to destroy. They will be offered from a platform of transparency, understanding of life’s issues, and extended through the heart of Jesus. If you are tired of clichés and want real answers from God’s heart, expect it here. 75 minute presentation with evangelistic overtones and an invitation for salvation.??

Long Live the King — Forgiveness Out of the Box

Nothing is harder than forgiving and it’s because we misunderstand the biblical directive to “forgive as we have been forgiven”. Christine presents this difficult teaching by first examining what forgiveness is not; removing the barriers that many of us experience in our struggle to forgive.
Come, experience the mysteries of this topic like you’ve never heard them before. This presentation can unlock the door of bitterness and hatred, allowing women to live as daughters who allow God to be their King and Judge. 1 Hour presentation with a life-changing invitation.??

Living as a Daughter of Promise

It’s easy to say that I’m a ‘daughter of promise’, but what does it look like for me to live like one? Will I have impeccable church attendance and be able to perform untiring Christian service? Will I exhibit a joyous smile despite my circumstances? What does God expect from me? Sometimes I feel like the energizer bunny who just keeps going and going while feeling guilty for needing anything. Where is spiritual rest and where can I live authentically?

Christine shows women how to connect with the heart of God, learn to hear His whispers of love, and thrive in a world that inflicts shame and self-doubt. Tired of living life out of the grind? Learn how to live energized by the heart of God. This is one of the foundational message of this ministry, the new paradigm. 1 hour presentation

Letting God Be Your Storyteller

There are four versions to everyone’s life story. Their own version how other people interpret their life’s events, Satan’s hopeless rendition, and finally, God’s life-giving version. How do we know whose words to believe? And how do we know if we’re believing the wrong version?

This important hour session helps women re-interpret the events of their life. It gives them guidelines on how to identify what they believe, and why. They are encouraged to renounce all lies and embrace the redemption God planned for them from before time. This session gives women the chance for a new beginning as they understand that there is no such thing as tragedy. 1 hour presentation

Resurrecting Abandoned Dreams

Have you long buried the dreams for your life? Prince charming never showed up. The career you pictured as a young adult never materialized. It’s easy to drive our longings underground and become disillusioned with life. God can seem impotent and uncaring as we perceive He watches from a distance.
Christine wants you to meet the woman from Shunam. Her seemingly perfect world fractured. Her faith was threatened. A miracle dangled in front of her like a carrot. However, she chose to keep her heart alive to God and you can too, as you discover her wisdom for resurrecting broken dreams. 1 hour Bible Study ??

I Really Did Meet the Man of My Dreams

Why are we crippled when friends and family withhold what we need? Why don’t we know and experience the love of Jesus as powerful enough to fill the emptiness others create? Jesus reveals Himself as a ‘well of living water’ from Whom we can drink. If we do, He claims we’ll never need to depend on people again to feel whole.
Learn from the woman of Samaria how you can access the power of the well! Discover from her story how to drink living water daily, so that you will not be left looking to others to give what only He can provide. 1 Hour Bible Study ??

15 Innovative Ways to Say “I Care”

When someone we love is hurting, we often feel inadequate in knowing how to reach out to them. When do we say a prayer? What kind of card do we write? When is it appropriate to pray or quote a verse? Or, when does that person simply want us to sit beside them in silence?
If you’ve been struggling to extend life-changing love to someone important to you, and you’ve felt you’re out of options, take comfort. This presentation will equip you with creative ways to embrace the one you love with the arms of Jesus. 1 hour presentation


Joni-Eareckson-Tada: “Real and deep, gentle, graceful, yet powerful. That’s what I thought the first time I sat by Christine as she played her piano. Years later, the grace and power are still there!”

Kay Arthur: “Christine is woman who has been tested…refined as silver…and who, in her music and her life, so beautifully reflects her Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Steve Brown: “Most of us live our lives under the ‘heavy hand’ of doctrine, law and rules, missing the essence of the Christian faith. Christine moves women from the treadmill of knowledge and law to the wings of grace, mercy and love.