Cheetah Chicks

cheetahchicksFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: California
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Who are the Cheetah Chicks®?

Tonya Ruiz and Nancy C. Anderson have combined their love of animal print clothing, quirky humor, and Biblical teaching, morphing into the Cheetah Chicks®.

What do the Cheetah Chicks® do?

They do lunch.and when lunch is over, they’re speakers and writers. They have traveled coast-to-coast teaching at women’s events and have been featured, individually, through national media such as The 700 Club, Montel Williams, FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey, Coral Ridge Ministries, TBN, Today’s Christian Woman, and Moody Midday. In their free time (between midnight and six a.m.) they’ve written books and published dozens of short stories and articles.

Nancy and Tonya’s humorous messages are packed with Scriptures, comedy skits, practical instructions, and encouraging examples. The Cheetah Chicks will entertain and equip the audience so they’ll be spiritually revived, refreshed, and reenergized. Tonya and Nancy will take the audience on safari as they explore how to be a Christian woman in the crazy jungle of modern life. They can customize their presentation to fit your needs with variations on their Safari theme.

Their keynote presentation is: Life’s A Jungle!

Life’s a jungle! Lions and tigers and hormones Oh, my!
* Are things are getting too wild in your life?
* Are worries squeezing you like a Boa Constrictor?
* Does your hut look like it’s been ransacked by wild elephants?
* Are you mired down in the quicksand of mediocrity?
* Do you feel like you’re swinging from a vine that’s about to unravel?

We’ll help you find the solutions as we set out on a safari through scripture. We have a map and a machete and we are going to be your tour guides as we provide survival skills that will help you laugh, learn, and live a more abundant life. Join us on the journey as we navigate the treacherous terrain through the crazy jungle of modern life. Don’t just survive-thrive!

Their other topics include–how to be:

Creative–Go ape! Let your imagination run wild!
Healthy–Put a tiger in your tank!
Eloquent–Zip your lips and tame your tongue!
Efficient–Organize your inner and outer space!
Tenacious–I think I can, I know I can, I thought I could!
Attractive–Do the best you can with what you’ve got!
Happy–Come on, get happy! Wheeee!