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Char Barnes received her BA degree in English and Secondary Education from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Following graduation and a move to Denver, Colorado, she served several years as a full-time staff member with Youth for Christ. In 1979, Paul and Char moved back to the Denver area to begin a church, Grace Chapel, where Char is currently the Director of Women’s Ministries. She has been a regular contributor to Extraordinary Women Magazine with a column entitled “How to Shine Instead of Whine.” The Christian television program “Women of Influence” has featured her practical insights as well. In addition to spending time with Paul and their two daughters at their Littleton, Colorado, home, Char enjoys reading, walking and biking.

Topics include:

“How to Shine Instead of Whine”
Life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent our attitude about what happens to us. This biblically based series empowers us to live abundantly and not just endure reluctantly! In addition to “Shine Instead of Whine” the topics include:
“What’s Wrong With This Picture?”
“Getting Rid of the Excess Baggage”
“Is Your Life at Peace or in Pieces?”
“Living High: It Depends on Attitude Not Altitude!”

“Principles for Purposeful Living”
Lack of control is one of the biggest contributors to anxiety and depression. Char’s practical biblically based talks will inspire and equip those who want to live proactively and intentionally. Topics include:
“Expanding Your Circle of Confidence”
“Do I Really Have 24 Hours in My Day?”
“One is Silver and the Other Gold” (How to have healthy, growing friendships)
“From Marriage to Marvelous”
“The Power of Positive Parenting”
And more!

Specialty Topics
“Great Expectations”
Char’s moving and powerful testimony includes the physical assault she experienced as a single woman. The message is one that adapts beautifully to a Christmas outreach and appeals to women in every season of life.

“How to Build a Winning Team”
Do you sometimes feel inadequate and unspiritual as a leader? Char draws on her 20 years of experience as Director of Women’s Ministries to encourage and equip others. Her practical insights include how to spot, recruit, and train women to unite around a common – but exciting – vision and purpose.

Principles for Powerful Living
“How to Shine Instead of Whine”
Life is 10hat happens to us and 90ur attitudes about what happen to us. We will look at biblically correct attitudes that make for a healthy, flourishing life no matter what our circumstances.

“What’s Wrong With This Picture?”
On the walls of our mind hang pictures of people who have hurt us and times when life has been unfair. We cannot change the pictures, but we can change how they are framed. This encouraging talk helps us begin the redecorating process.

“Getting Rid of the Excess Baggage”
So often we think of “excess baggage” in terms of those extra pounds we would like to lose. However, the weight that is dragging us down is not spelled “cellulite” – it is spelled “sin”. We cling to those things God says to lose, and we carry around attitudes and habits He says to get rid of. This talk inspires us to apply exciting biblical principles to help us lose our excess baggage and walk in new freedom and forgiveness.

“The Healed Heart”
Are you experiencing the joy that comes from reveling in the Father’s unconditional love, or has your life degenerated into an obligatory, performance oriented existence? As we look at the book of Hosea together, we will discover the thrill and freedom of God’s relentless love for us.

“Living High: It Depends on Attitude Not Altitude!”
Some of us are slaves to our past. We refuse to forget offenses and hurts, we cling to past failures, and clutch at memories that hinder us from living joyfully in the here and now. We’ll learn how to TOSS out the old and replace it with the freedom God offers us.

“Get Rid of the Frogs”
Isn’t it interesting that when Moses told Pharaoh that the curse of frogs could be removed from Egypt Pharaoh responded with, “Tomorrow”? Yet, how many “frogs” do we tolerate in our life in terms of negative attitudes, mindset and habits, believing the time to get rid of them is tomorrow? This practical talk gives us biblical principles for getting rid of the frogs – today!

Principles for Purposeful Living
“Expanding Your Circle of Confidence”
Are you imprisoned by a lack of confidence and held captive by your comfort zone? You will be challenged by a powerful biblical example of how to break those bonds and expand our circle of confidence.

“Is Your Life at Peace or in Pieces?”
Worry and anxiety can shatter our peace. In this talk, we will discuss how to experience God’s provision for gluing the pieces of our lives back together with His peace.

“The Power of Positive Parenting”
Positive parenting is not an oxymoron! It is possible to raise emotionally healthy, well-balanced kids in today’s challenging world. Join us as we look at some practical principles designed to help us parent wisely and effectively.

“Do I Really Have 24 Hours in My Day?”
It has been said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Learn some invaluable principles for living according to your priorities rather than your pressures.

“Great Expectations”
This talk is designed as a evangelistic outreach designed to encourage anyone who has experienced life’s disappointments.

* The Keys to Loving Discipline
(Discipline and Parenting)

* How to Build a Winning Team
(How to Recruit and Train Leaders for a Healthy Ministry)

* One is Silver and the Other Gold
(How To Have Healthy Growing Friendships with Others)


“Char Barnes loves God and loves people! Her enthusiastic presentations based on God’s Word both encourage and challenge women to a life of joy and deeper faith.”
Cindy Secrest McDowell
author, Women’s Spiritual Passages