Brenda Poinsett

poinsettbrendaFee Range: $500-1000, $1000-2000
Location: Missouri
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Brenda Poinsett is a life-long learner and research enthusiast who is committed to sharing life-changing knowledge. After fifteen years as an adjunct university instructor, Brenda broadened her classroom to engage adults of all ages in various settings as a speaker, facilitator, and writer. She’s the author of fifteen books, a women’s ministry consultant, a retreat organizer and professional speaker (NSA). Her presentations and writing are concentrated in five areas:

Spiritual transformation

Visions of Victory
Fill My Cup, Lord
Bring Back the Springtime: Renewing Your Passion for Life and Faith
Reaching Heaven to Find Joy, Power and Love

Personal growth

How to Keep the Wind in Your Sails
How to Be Blessed Not Stressed
Creating a Joy-Filled Life

Living with your feelings

Climbing Up When You’re Feeling Down
Never Trouble Trouble till Trouble Troubles You
Accepting What You Can’t Change Changes Everything

Meaningful celebration

Celebrations that Touch the Heart
Strengthening Your Family Through Traditions, Rituals and Celebrations
Making Christ the Centerpiece of your Christmas
Can Martha Have a Mary Christmas?

Women’s ministries

Coffee Cup Friendships
It’s A Girl Thing: The Way We Need Each other
Better Together: Creating Life-Changing Groups