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Location: Colorado
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Becky Harling is a gifted communicator, with a passion for seeing the Bible “come alive” in the hearts of women. Her love for the Lord, compassionate spirit, sense of humor and energetic style inspires women to draw closer to God.

Becky has spent more than 28 years teaching the Word of God to women both nationally and internationally. She creatively combines deep Biblical insight with her powerful testimony and the stories of other women. Her life experience as a pastor’s wife, parent of four children, Women’s Ministries Director, and survivor of breast cancer and childhood sexual abuse bring depth to her message. She brings a message of hope and healing that is refreshingly transparent.

Becky holds a degree in Biblical Literature. She speaks both individually and together with her husband Steve, who is the Lead Pastor at Foothills Community Church in Arvada, Co. Becky and Steve have four children ranging in age from 18-26.

Becky has written Finding Calm in Life’s Chaos and Rewriting Your Emotional Script. Her third book, Living for His Applause Alone is scheduled to be released in 2010. She has been a guest on Moody’s Midday show, The John and Stephanie Show, The Author’s Corner with Adam Winkler and many other top rated radio talk shows.


“We have been privileged to have Becky as our speaker for two Women of the Harvest retreats. The women loved her – she is an energetic, gifted communicator who guides the audience through how to apply God’s truth as they process their life experiences. She shares her personal journey of learning to release her fears, hurts and bitterness through the ongoing application of Jesus’ words of hope in the Sermon on the Mount and through the promises found in His great “I Am” statements. I highly recommend her!”

Lorrie Lindgren – Executive Director for Women of the Harvest

Becky Harling is a woman who walks closely with the Holy One. God has gifted Becky as a speaker and when she speaks, Becky is authentic, biblical, fun and delightful. Any women’s group would be blessed to have her as their speaker!

Linda Dillow Author and speaker

Speaking Topics for Women

When women hear Becky speak they walk away with a message of hope! Her love for the Lord, compassionate spirit, energetic style, and sense of humor inspires women. She creatively combines her own powerful testimony with the stories of other women bringing a message of hope that is refreshingly transparent.

Popular Key Note Messages:

This Wasn’t Supposed to be my Story! -Becky’s powerful testimony demonstrates that God can redeem any story.

Hope is Resilient: A survivor’s journey -Becky’s battle with breast cancer – appropriate for secular organizations.

Suffering and Praise -The journey from hell to hope

Single Inspirational Messages:

Dispelling the Myths of the Mirror – Addresses beauty, body image and eating disorders

Blackmail, Bribery and a Whole lot of Prayer -Designed for mother’s of young children.

The Choice of the Resilient Heart – A challenging message on forgiveness

Four Reasons You Don’t Have To Feel Afraid This Christmas – A Christmas message


Did I Ever Say I Wanted To Be a Leader? -This seminar teaches leadership skills for women. It is particularly appropriate for women’s ministry teams.

Weekend Retreat Packages:

Finding Calm in Life’s Chaos

When the winds of chaos unexpectedly blow into your life, anxiety and insecurity increase. Becky understands because she’s been there. How can Jesus meet you in the chaos? This retreat offers a fresh understanding of God’s character through Jesus’ I Am statements.

Living for His Applause Alone

Are you a performer at heart? Do you often feel like a marionette pulled in many different directions because you live for the approval and accolades of others? Discover the freedom that comes when we internalize God’s grace and live for His applause alone.


Rewriting your Emotional Script *

Women with troubled pasts carry emotional baggage. Becky understands. As a survivor of sexual abuse Becky learned to live with an emotional script of shame, fear, and mistrust. Determined to overcome her pain Becky set out to rewrite the emotional script she had followed for many years. Her search for healing led her to the beatitudes.

In this powerful conference, Becky outlines a practical process to help women let go of the pain of their past, and embrace the freedom Christ offers.

*Churches are encouraged to partner together to schedule this conference in their area.