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Location: Tennessee
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Out of the cotton fields of Mississippi came a little girl who dreamed of singing Gospel Music all over the world. She climbed on a bus with the legendary Speer Family, met the man of her dreams, and changed the face of Christian music with the Downings. She won the industry’s highest honor—the Dove Award for Female Vocalist. Their group enjoyed number one songs and financial success. This is what happens to good little girls.

But success fades, and marriages weaken under the stress of financial ruin. She went from the pinnacle of success to living in a friend’s basement. Her husband, who was once a committed Christian is now asking for divorce and running from the Lord. Then in the midst of restoration, Paul is unexpectedly taken away. This is what happens in real life.

How do you keep it together when everything’s falling apart? Can you save a marriage on the fast track to divorce? How do you start a career over later in life? What do you do when things happen that you can’t fix? How do you survive?

If your husband won’t go to church, if your child is hurting, and you can’t seem to help, if you’re at the end of your rope—Ann’s is a story you must hear! Her powerful testimony of a faithful God through great joy and great loss is one that reaches us all where we are and gives us hope for the days ahead.

Topics include:

Words for Women
Speaking Topics…From the Heart and Life of Ann Downing
Ann utilizes her gift of music to enhance each speaking session.

I Quit
When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on! But what do you do when you’ve tied a rope-ful of knots and still nothing’s changing? Through an intensely personal story, Ann helps you find two suprising words that just may change your life!

Father Knows Best
It sounds like an episode of “Touched By An Angel,” but even Hollywood can’t top God working in the lives of his children! From its dramatic beginning to its heartwarming close, your spirit will soar as Ann shares how God turned the 56 most painful days of her life into a new beginning for one special teenager.

I’m A Survivor!
Sometimes life votes you off the island and you feel like you are the weakest link! When you’ve run out of life-lines and there’s no friend to phone, how will you make it in the real world? Ann turns to the Bible to find the first real survivor—and wouldn’t you know she was a woman? Travel with Ann as she ventures down the road with Ruth and learn to find the handfuls of purpose in your own life.

Enough of the Fluff…Gimme the Real Stuff!
Comfortable Christianity, move over! Wave goodbye to your laid-back religion—this is where the rubber meets the road. When life forces you out of the hymnbook and off of the pew, what in the world will you do? Walk with Ann on a journey that takes you face to face with your faith, and challenges you to put it into practice!

Above All Else
Gotta check the mirror once more to make sure you’re in the best condition possible? But have you checked your “heart condition” today? Journey with Ann through a series of “heart Scriptures” to learn what our Heavenly Father puts ‘Above All Else’ and what “heart-titudes” He desires us to possess.

No Strings Attached
Love and acceptance….we all want it, but how many times do we get it with no expectations in return? How do we show our very personal selves to others or even to God? Masterfully weaving a very personal story of creating a piece for her craft-talented mother, Ann communicates beyond a doubt that we’re loved…strings and all….with no strings attached.


“In the 20 years I have known Ann Downing I have observed her consistent Christian walk through tragedy and triumph. She has a beauty that glows as she sings and speaks in such a way that you might think she was about to ascend. I value Ann as a friend, sister in Christ, and performer par excellence!”
Florence Littauer

“When over 300 ladies from varied backgrounds gather together for our annual weekend retreat, the ladies’ expectations are sometimes as varied as their backgrounds. The first time we invited Ann Downing, I was amazed by her sweet spirit of discernment, as she captured the heartbeat of our women and so uniquely wove a message of hope and encouragement through her words and songs.”
Mrs. Jane Uhrig, Chairperson Evangelical Christian Ladies
South Central District of Ohio
Church of Christ in Christian Union

“We have known Ann for forty years and if you have been enjoying the Homecoming video tape series, you know of our involvement together. We feel she will be an encouragement to your church or any place of ministry in her music and speaking. She is a communicator!”
Bill and Gloria Gaither