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Captivating her audiences and leaving them speechless is the trademark of Sue Thomas. Profoundly deaf since the age of 18 months, Sue spent years with therapists to develop her voice and in the process became an expert lip-reader in order to communicate with the hearing world around her. It was in 1985 that the Lord began to point her on an amazing journey; a journey she would not have chosen as it would rest on her greatest weakness, the one which caused her many childhood scars through laughter and ridicule. That journey as a professional public speaker came with her total surrender at the foot of the Cross and of giving back to Him the gift of her voice. Today her dynamic spirit cannot be contained in her silent world and reaches out to break the Sound Barrier with widely diversified audiences worldwide. Her humor is contagious and her stories are compelling.

Her words are like that cool cup of refreshing water offered to the marathon runner of life’s long journey. Sue knows well that the path is filled with obstacles, uncertainties, confusion, defeat and heartache and cheers her listeners on with unshakable faith in the knowledge that God makes no mistakes. It is only when one has experienced failure that they can truly taste the joy of victory. Today, besides her deafness, she also walks with Multiple Sclerosis. When asked what her greatest accomplishment has been, she answers, “Simply staying in the race.”

In 2002 her speaking platform went international with the release of the TV series, SUE THOMAS: FBEYE. Inspired by Sue’s unique job at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, doing undercover surveillance by lip-reading, the weekly drama helps to bring more awareness to the lives of those with physical challenges. With more than 2.5 million viewers in the United States, the popular series is now being watched in 54 nations around the world. Sue says, “I have had but one desire; to go forth to every nation and to stand before all generations, to proclaim the love and forgiveness of God, through His Son, Jesus Christ.” And with that exuberant twinkle in her eye, she adds, “And He can even use the FBI if He wants to!”

When she is not travelling and speaking, Sue Thomas lives in the quiet hills of Vermont with her Special Skills/Hearing Dog, Katie. Besides her best-selling autobiography, “Silent Night”, she is working on several other writing projects, and is in the development stages of EPEC, a service dog training facility, as well as a silent retreat, ‘A Place of Streams.” Sue comes to you not as a teacher, nor a preacher, but as a witness-a witness that sees and proclaims the truth as learned in the path of silence when the only thing heard is the still small voice of God.

Topics for Women’s Retreats, Churches, Conferences

In “Silent Night” Sue Thomas will take you behind the scenes of the popular show, Sue Thomas: FBEye. This is the true story of Sue in her own words, her own voice. You will laugh with her, cry with her, and in the end, you will hear Silent Night sung as you have never heard it before.

“What Are These Among So Many?” “There is a small boy here with five barley loaves and two fishes; but what are these among so many?” Journey with Sue to the most remarkable feast of all time, and discover what it takes to become usable in feeding today’s multitudes.

“Then Sings My Soul” – With absolutely no recollection of sound, Sue Thomas knows firsthand the power of music. With a mother that loved music, Sue could not escape voice lessons, piano lessons, and trumpet lessons, even though she could not hear a single note. This message will touch the human chord with living proof that music comes from the inside and when released has tremendous power to bring joy and encouragement to the human spirit, and praise to the Creator. As one at a woman’s retreat wrote, “The surprising concept of a deaf woman having a passionate love of music startled me with the Lord’s way of using the weak to show His Strength.”

Topics For Schools, Teacher’s Seminars, Educators Conventions

Drawing from her own personal experiences as a kid, Sue Thomas’ ability to reach all school aged youth with “No Dummy” is both powerful and transforming as she talks about the ‘bullies’ in the classroom and the ‘human targets’ on the playground. Then she crosses the age span to touch the core of the frustration and hopelessness in parents and educators alike.

In “Changing Lives” Sue champions those who saw potential in a little deaf kid. Although Sue’s silence hindered her learning the academics in the traditional school setting, the life-lessons she took home were far greater than found in any textbook.

“All Creatures Great and Small” – Even a dog’s life can teach profound lessons. Sue Thomas shows how nothing is too small or insignificant for God to use.


“‘Silent Night’ shouts out a message of hope, courage, and encouragement. Sue Thomas’ story is one of the most moving and inspiring.” Gary Smalley and John Trent, PhD, Psychologists and authors of The Five Love Languages

“Sue Thomas is a gift to Gloria and me and to the thousands of people at Praise Gathering. Her spirit is contagious!” Bill Gaither

“We laughed, we cried, and we experienced the love of Jesus through Sue and her amazing story.” Michelle Cavinder Crystal Cathedral’s International Women’s Conference

“Truly an amazing woman and an incredible speaker you will never forget!” Liz Curtis Higgs, AwardWinning Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Bad Girls of the Bible

“You are truly a gifted communicator and your life’s experiences enable you to speak with wisdom and passion. We have received nothing but the highest accolades.” -Jerry Haddock Regional Director of ACSI

“She held the students spellbound for the entire assembly.” Gail H Brubaker Teacher, Luray High School, Luray, VA

“From Sue’s opening remarks until her climactic ending.her inspiring talk fit right into our Building Self-Esteem Program which is part of our Drug-Free Curriculum. Sue did not ‘leave’ our students after their standing ovation. Her message is still in their hearts.” Mary Jean Moore Drug Free Coordinator, Seneth, MO

“Uncommon Courage…”
Family Circle Magazine 2004

Sue’s conquest of complete hearing deficiency is a testimony of great grit, determination, and faith. I salute this noble lady for victorious life and influence.” Ted Engstrom president emeritus, World Vision, former director, Youth for Christ

“It is a miracle to see this lady speaking clearly to thousands of people. Her testimony, though gently and skillfully presented, hit all of us like a ton of bricks. When she was done, I saw people visibly moved .it was hard for me to see because I was crying, too! Her presentation was more than emotional, it was deeply spiritual and life-changing.” Rev. Harry L Thomas, Jr. Director of Creation Festival

“I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Sue Thomas’ services as a speaker to any organization. She is a person of rare gifts and qualities.” Dr. James Dobson, Focus On the Family

“Be ready to receive a profound gift from the hand of Jesus through Sue Thomas.” Pastor Dan Hicks, The Church on The Way, Van Nuys, CA

“Sue Thomas is the real thing-she is refreshingly honest. Her stories are compelling, moving, motivating, and ones that touch everyone, but even better than that, so is she.” Tic Long, President, Youth Specialties

“Fearless and fiesty Sue Thomas has is what keeps her going.” TV Guide