Stacie Maslyn

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Location: California
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Although Stacie might appear young, God has used a variety of life experiences to give her wisdom far beyond her years. From her teenage pregnancy, to recovery from a “partying“ lifestyle, to a troubled marriage, to temptations that many Christians are hesitant to acknowledge, Stacie’s life lessons are continuously woven throughout all of her presentations. Her informal yet professional talks are always infused with lively stories and work off of her impactful fill-in-the-blank outlines. Plus no matter the topic, participants can expect to come away from any of Stacie’s talks feeling inspired to be all that God created them to be.

Stacie has numerous years of ministry planting, expanding, and leadership experience. She is also currently on staff at Saddleback Valley Community Church. She has been a radio guest and has participated in several video and dramatic
projects. In addition to this, she is part of the MOPS International Speakers Bureau.

Stacie’s children’s book Mad Maddie Maxwell was published by Zondervan in March 2000 and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medallion award. On a personal level, Stacie has been married to Darren since1988. Along with their four children, they make their home in Southern California. Regardless of the topic, because of all that she’s been through in her life, Stacie can’t help but speak from a vulnerable perspective of acceptance and humility rather than from one of judgment or superiority. Listeners can count on coming away feeling as if they have just connected with a friend.

Topics include:

Friendship 101: After Stacie humorously shares her practical steps to the hidden art of making friends, you’ll never look at
friendships the same way again.

All I Ever Needed To Know About Friendships, I Learned From A Flight Attendant: In this hilarious talk, Stacie validates the importance of friendships as part of God’s plan for His daughters’ lives.

Keeping the Fire Burning: Stacie candidly talks about how to fan the flames of romance back to marriage.

Take It All Off: Most of us go to a lot of effort to cover up the unpleasant parts of ourselves. As a quirky object lesson, Stacie
undresses (skit-style) and while examining the value of authenticity and vulnerability.

Two Ears, One Mouth: Stacie gives insightful “listening lessons” and addresses godly communication.

Consider the Ostrich: Stacie illustrates God’s sovereign love as she confides painful pieces of her life testimony.

When Your World is Falling Apart: Stacie draws from the story of Rahab to offer a unique and personal look at faith.

Confessions of a Baby Toe: Stacie examines the dangers of comparing ourselves to others and offers alternatives.

Leading On Purpose: If your Leadership Team needs practical tools to more effective leadership, Stacie will provide them
in this workshop which can be up to 5 hours in length.

Love on the Rocks: Stacie shares how her rocky marriage became a Marriage on THE ROCK.

Share Your Story, Share Your Savior: Stacie explores the whys and the how-tos of friendship evangelism.

For Heaven’s Sake: Stacie teaches on Heaven, God’s promises, Eternity, and living life until we get there.


“Stacie is one of the most dynamic speakers on the women’s circuit today. I think she has the market cornered with her humor and heart! Her tell-it-like-it-is style balances laughter with wisdom and inspiration. She is everything women want in a speaker.”
Rick Warren
Author & Pastor Saddleback Valley Community Church

“Stacie Maslyn has been involved with MOPS International for many years and has consistently demonstrated excellent communication and leadership skills. When you bring Stacie to your group, you can expect to be encouraged, tickled, inspired and challenged. We are proud to have Stacie representing MOPS International through her speaking and writing engagements!”
Elisa Morgan
Author & President of MOPS International

“Stacie is a gifted communicator. With high energy, practical content, personal illustrations, and Biblical application, she gives listeners humor, hope and help. She is an award winning writer and a sought after speaker. I highly recommend her.”
Carol Kent
Author & President of Speak-Up Speaker Services