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As a writer and speaker, Sally Breedlove’s passion is to help awaken in others the heart courage to discover the life changing mercy and love of God for themselves. She has worked alongside her husband Steve for the last 35 years, leading churches in the United States and Canada and ministering to leaders in other countries. Five children, three of whom are married, four grandchildren, and the best of husbands have made her life rich. Sally serves on the national board of The Anglican Mission in the Americas and on the board of the Christian Foundation of the Triangle, an affiliate of the National Christian Foundation. She is the author of Choosing Rest (NavPress, 2002), one of the authors of The Shame Exchange:(NavPress, 2009), as well as a contributor to the Women of Faith Study Bible and two other books. Sally and her husband Steve live in Chapel Hill North Carolina, where Steve is the rector of All Saints Anglican Church. Sally teaches a weekly Bible Study in Chapel Hill and helps to lead a small group spiritual direction ministry, called JourneyMates, that draws participants from the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.


Sally has riveted many women in our area with her inspiring book, Choosing Rest, and the engaging manner in which she speaks to the hearts of her audience. She is a quietly powerful woman of great faith who has a special gift in telling her story in a way that leaves us saying “Aha – I know exactly what she means” or even better, “she knows exactly what I am experiencing.” Then she teaches with a clarity that is rarely found these days. Her message is biblical and wise beyond her years. Her sense of humor, courage and openness are a gift to all who have had the opportunity to hear her.

Mary Clayton, North Carolina

We had 160 women who attended this retreat with very high expectations based on prior experience. Sally brought her gifts of wisdom and authenticity making an extraordinary connection with the women. Her talks were biblically focused, relevant and filled with lighthearted humor. Her winsome style encourages and inspires women to center their lives on God. Her vulnerable story telling gives her instant credibility. Sally was both professional and flexible in working with us to create an event unique to our particular community. We have a very thorough evaluation process, here are a few things that the women said:

•Sally was honest, vulnerable and an inspiration.
•Sally’s talks produced deep sharing and prayer requests during our small group sessions.
•I loved Sally’s messages, her style, her delivery and her content.

Paula Taylor, California

Topics include:

•The Longing for Home: Finding Rest in God
What keeps us from being able to enter into the rest that God alone can provide? For starters, we are not even sure what we are looking for. Even if we have some idea, our fears, our relationships and the lies we so easily believe trip us up again and again. Explore what it means to find your rest in the heart of the love of God.

•Living in the Light of Love
The great calling on our lives is to learn to love like God loves. Investigate with Sally what that really means and gain insight and hope to face the things that get in your way as you learn to live a life of love.

•Can You Hear the Story?
Our lives really do have a story to tell. This weekend provides an opportunity to discover the message God wants to speak through your life to this world. You’ll begin to see that God has woven purpose and meaning into the ordinary fabric of your life. The result? As you hear the story of your own life, new hope and confidence will emerge.

•Learning to Pray My Heart Back to God
Listen in on David’s story and learn how he let the whole of his life, the good, the bad and the ugly, become an opportunity to have real conversations with God.

•Wait, Listen, Receive
Practicing the ancient practices of the church – lectio divina, prayerful silence, prayerful listening, prayerful reflection can shape our souls and connect us to God in ways we may never have imagined. Sally uses Scripture, teaching and these tried and true disciplines to help us shape our hearts to live more deeply connected to God himself.

•Ordinary Beauty
Learn to see the hand of God and the ways of God through the everydayness of your life. His presence and his voice show up in the most surprising places – join us and learn to be a wiser, more aware observer of the beauty God has placed in your ordinary life.