Rhonda Jo Conner

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Location: Kentucky
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A common theme throughout Rhonda Jo Conner’s life has been her love for music. From forming her own country music band, to singing commercial jingles, to becoming a recognized songwriter and member of the contemporary gospel trio SoulReal, Rhonda Jo’s passion for music is at the core of who she is as a Christian and as a women. Rhonda Jo is an accomplished songwriter and entertainer, but her presentations go far beyond the music to deliver a powerful message.

Whether in the role of master of ceremonies, keynoter, or entertainer, each presentation weaves humor, music and valuable life principals. Rhonda Jo challenges her audience to “Dare to Dream” the dreams that God has planted in their hearts.

Why should you schedule Rhonda Jo?

Not only entertaining with wonderful music, she speaks a powerful message that fits all audiences.

She will customize her program to fit your particular format.

She involves her audience into her presentation.

Your audience will leave with practical take-home tools.

Her story-telling and humor make you laugh, while driving home real-life principals.

Topics include:

“Dare to Dream” (keynote)
A one hour presentation including Rhonda Jo’s personal testimony.

“Dare to Dream” (retreat format)
This three-part presentation is ideal for your next retreat. Rhonda Jo shares how God called her to dare to dream the dreams He planted in her heart in session one. In session two, she points out certain “Faith Blockers” that keep us from pursuing our dreams along with giving her audience a Spiritual Gifts Assessment. “Challenging Steps” is the focus of this exciting third session that includes a take home outline of steps on how to pursue their dreams.

“Beauty is Only Skin Deep”
This one-hour session challenges the audience to attain beauty from within while giving practical tools for achieving a positive outward image.

“Creative Worship”
A former member of the worship team of Southeast Christian Church, one of the largest congregations in the nation, Rhonda Jo has led praise and worship for many events. In this one-hour session, she not only addresses worship within the church body, but also one on one worship with God.


“Rhonda Jo Conner is a dynamic, energetic, highly motivated Christian communicator. Her uplifting music will have your toes tapping one minute and your heart soaring the next.”
Carol Kent, author & founder of Speak Up Speaker Services, Inc.

“Rhonda Jo captures the uplifting spirit of God and takes your mood elevator to the top floor!”
David Novak, CEO Tricon Global Restaurants (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC)