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Since the age of 12, Rebecca Park Totilo has recognized the calling upon her life and has desired to follow that leading. But, after her father’s unexpected death and attempted rape by a school teacher, her life suddenly spun out of control which lead her into drugs, sex and the entertainment of demons. Today, her passion and zeal for God is apparent throughout the fabric of her life, as she fulfills the Great Commission, bringing glory to God.

Rebecca is a published author, freelance photographer, actor and international speaker. She speaks at conferences, seminars, and retreats on a national basis, providing workshops about the Hebraic roots of our faith. Her understanding of Scriptures richly woven with the tapesry of ancient Hebrew customs makes her inspirational writings truly memorable.

Rebecca’s flair and passion for life bursts into living color when she writes and speaks, as you will see in the visual way she presents herself. She literally believes in the “show, don’t tell” principle in everything she does. Becca has ministered to literally millions of people via television, radio and live appearances.

She is an award-winning published author of over 25 books including:
Through the Night With God
The Official Christian Babysitting Guide
The Christian Girls Guide to Celebrating Change
His Majesty Requests: Preparing the Bride for the Messiah’s Return
Quiet Moments with God Devotional
Quiet Moments with God Devotional Journal for Women
Stories for the Teen Heart

She is the President/Founder of Rebecca At The Well Foundation and a noted teacher of the Hebraic Scriptures, with a daily radio and TV broadcast, Rebecca At the Well. Her many experiences also include being a missionary with Youth With A Mission, a YWAM’S Kings Kids Outreach Leader, a Teen Challenge Youth Center Administrator, and Crisis Pregnancy Counselor.

A homeschool teacher and wife, she lives with her husband and family in Florida.

Topics include:

His Majesty Requests (One night presentation of the Hebrew wedding customs and how Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled them with the church. This is a multimedia presentation with Israeli music, actual footage of Jewish weddings, and the audience actually gets to partake by taking the betrothal cup, signing a Ketubah (marriage contract) and renewing their vows under a real Huppah.)

Healing Oils of Ancient Scripture (Two-hour event for people of all ages on how to use essential oils mentioned in Exodus for healing and health.)

Passion For Purity (Weekend conference for teens to renew their vow to wait for their one true love, covering abstinence and boundaries) This is quick interactive for them!

Awakening His Bride (Weekend conference for men and women on who is the bride and how to prepare for his return)

Draw Me to the Secret Place (Weekend conference for how to be drawn into a deeper intimacy with the Savior based on the Song of Solomon.)

Babysitting with a Purpose (Two-hour event for teens learning how to babysit and share God’s love with the ones they keep)

Fragrance of the Bride (One hour teaching on the spiritual significances of the fragrances in the Bible and how our spiritual lives carry a fragrance to the world. This a great show-n-tell event where the ladies can try different ones on.)

Portrait of the Bride (One hour or more teaching on various women in the Bible and how each portray different character’s we should possess as the Bride of Christ. This can be a lecture or talkshow setting with audience participation.)

Gifts of the Magi (One night event on Who Was, Who Is, and Who Is to Come based on the gifts brought to Jesus.)

Beauty of Holiness (One hour presentation on the beauty of the Shulamite described in Song of Solomon)


“Thank you for your ministry! I heard the end of your radio interview with Mark Daniels live yesterday and was very encouraged. How exciting to see on your website and hear the past (Jewish heritage), present (encouragement on living holy), and the future (our King’s return). Be encouraged your words are like apples of gold in settings of silver…aptly spoken. Don’t stop encouraging our brothers and sisters, you’ll reap a harvest if you don’t faint.”
Margie and Marvin Rudolph,
The Promised Land TV Series

“We recommend the ministry of Rebecca Totilo. She is dedicated to what the Lord has put in her heart. She is totally sold out to helping the Gentile Christian get back to the Jewish roots, and helping the Jews understand how important this is to knowing the Messiah. We believe the video is beautifully presented with teaching centered around the traditional Jewish wedding. The book gives a deep and revealing understanding about the spiritual significance of the customs and how Yeshua fulfills all of them, as He desires a bride without spot or wrinkle.
Rebecca is dedicated to what Yeshua has placed within her, and her desire is to share this to whosoever will…”
Carlos Martinez
Canutillo, TX

“I am a school bus driver and was home sick today with the flu. I happen to turn on my T.V. on GLC and you were on the air. Your message was a blessing to me, it was something I needed to here. I have a deeper understanding of God’s love toward us, the bride…”
Doug Cannon
Allen, TX

“Your scope and depth is wonderful. The Jewish wedding is a beautiful thing. I hope Christ finds me worthy. In watching you on Prime Time Christian Broadcasting, I discovered the Jewish roots of my faith and have been on fire since. You are so correct, we have lost so much with our church’s teachings of today. I loved your presentation…”
Beth Auman
Greensboro, NC

“My wife Karen and I have thoroughly enjoyed your ministry each nightly broadcst on WTLJ in Grand Rapids, Michigan.”
James and Karen
Grand Rapids, Michigan