Phyllis Harmony

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Location: Ohio
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“I have been through re-pentence, re-jection, re-storation and I think God is re-markable with the details He tends to in our lives.”
Phyllis Harmony

As a speaker Phyllis thrives on observing and listening closely. She is an imaginative story teller who gets to the heart of everyday life and sees Biblical applications. Phyllis Harmony is silly, according to her grandchildren and some audiences, but event planners have called her “spiritually challenging, sincerely encouraging and warmly entertaining.”

“I am so appreciative at what I take away from an event, God is so alive and His power is so evident when believers are together.”

Since 1980 Phyllis has been an enthusiastic Christian speaker and encourager who not only recounts a series of events but has the very special knack for finding the humor and life lessons in the event. Her goal is to help her audiences realize that “your life can make a difference, one promise at a time.”

For love she shares a happy life and ministry opportunities with husband Ted. Ted has joined Phyllis on occasion in speaking to groups on “living in harmony.” Together they enjoy 6 married children and 14 grandchildren.

For fun she teaches clog dancing with a friend ….”cellulite in motion…”. It’s the one thing she is willing to sweat for and can still smile. She also became an avid snow skier at age 55.

For fulfillment she travels the country sharing life experiences flavored with the sweetness of her loving Heavenly Father and her Savior Jesus Christ.

Phyllis has over 15 years of experience in long term healthcare and enjoys speaking to healthcare organizations. As a Personality Trainer she works with businesses looking to help their staff relate to others on purpose by “Teaming Up the Temperaments.”

She is a published contributing author with Zondervan Press and has contributed to 5 books of inspirational poetry by her mother, Louise Thompson, as a writer and illustrator.

Topics include:

Don’t Get Discouraged if Your Fruit’s Not in Season
More Than a Mirror Image
Feasting on Life
Spending Your Dash
Put the Band-Aid Where It Hurts

Phyllis Harmony likes to bring real life to the table and have a feast!