Paul and Debbie Pierson

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Location: Michigan
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Debbie and her husband Paul have been married since 1975. With four adult children, their family is dynamic and diverse—providing plenty of relational material.

Together they share with honesty the powerful story of how their marriage survived the terrible secret of porn addiction, and how God has healed and strengthened their relationship.

Debbie and Paul are available to speak at marriage retreats or to groups of married couples


“Paul and Debbie have hit the nail on the head so many times for us! Ours is a newer church, with many people who are new to God and life with Him, and so many of our people come with years of ‘baggage.’ God has used Paul and Debbie to reach right into their lives with the perfect mix of truth and grace. We’ve had them both at large and small gatherings as well as used
them for personal marital counseling/mentoring situations, and every time they have been received with enthusiasm and gratitude. You can’t go wrong having Paul and Debbie speak to your group…they are at their best when they are used as a team…”
Pastor Jeremy Schossau, Metro South Church

“We are so thankful that God lead us to Paul and Debbie. At just the right moment in our lives that we needed their friendship, wisdom and guidance. The past 3 years have been very hard on our marriage. We know that when we go to the Piersons we will receive biblical, God centered advice every time. Having a seasoned couple to share our lives with and seek guidance from is truly a Godsend. My husband put it perfectly after a meeting with them about a month ago. He said, ” to be with Paul and Debbie is to truly be in the presence of love”. We always leave Paul and Debbie with wanting to seek God first and letting Him fix us and our marriage. We sometimes joke that we need to have more problems so we can spend more time with them.”

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“We feel that Debbie and Paul Pierson gave us the knowledge and wisdom that God desires for all couples. Showing that when you become “ONE” the journey of LIFE has awesome times and it is breaking points.

“Having Debbie & Paul a part of our lives whom have experienced the journey a bit further down the road, they are able to be REAL and TRUTHFUL And, by showing COMPASSION with GRACE are able to guide us in the direction HE wants us to go.

“God calls experienced couples to “step-up” and help grow HIS Kingdom and say to other couples traveling this road: “Yes, there is a way to make this marriage work.” We pray that God will lift up other Christian couples to invest in other couples lives.

“Couples preparing for the journey, newlyweds, or those who are hitting the fork in the road need the knowledge and encouragement from other Christian couples. This is a small part of what Debbie and Paul have done for our marriage. The Piersons have shown us that marriage is devotion, discipline, and an adventure that God has blessed us with.

“Thank you Debbie & Paul for your love and friendship.”

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