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Location: British Columbia
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Energetic. Enthusiastic. And Refreshingly Real! Patti Larsen is a “Living Ray of Enthusiasm!” She has an endless energy that radiates to all those around her. Patti lights up women’s groups with humor and heartbreak from her life as she reaches out to encourage women to live a life purposeful in Christ. Women at retreats and conferences feel deeply connected to Patti as she openly and honestly shares how to hang tightly onto God through life’s struggles, tragedies, and triumphs. Her life was headed for disaster and destruction at the age of 25 until she felt the warm and gentle touch of Christ. Her life has never been the same since. She shares her study of the bible and brings its relevance to life. Though no one chooses tragedy, Patti understands it. Heart renching accidents, suicide, and cancer have forced Patti to choose the hope that is only found in Christ. As a result, Patti fully understands how Jesus can comfort, heal, and transform a person’s life and her passion is to see others enter into a life changing experience with Jesus as well.

Patti ignites her audiences with the ‘Persistent Love” of God. In that love, she challenges those who know Christ to go deeper and wider in their relationship to be used for His fullness. In that same love, Patti clearly and simply invites those hearts that are lost and searching to know Him for the first time and for all eternity.

Patti understands leadership. She has been the co-director for Women’s Ministries at Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna, BC. She has spearheaded and coordinated major conferences in Canada, including: Nurture Your Soul Conference featuring Carol Kent and Liz Curtis Higgs; as well as the Building Together Conferences in Vancouver featuring speakers like Michelle McKinney Hammond and Gigi Graham Tchividjian. Patti has also assisted Carol Kent with her Speak Up with Confidence seminars. She is also a frequent speaker for Stonecroft Ministries and Christian Women’s Clubs in Canada. She has been a guest host on Christian Women’s Today’s chat line and has been published in their online magazine. Patti has completed her first novel, publication pending. Patti is currently serving as a Director of Building Together Ministries and as a member of Peace Portal Alliance Church’s Executive Leadership Council, in Vancouver, BC.

List of Topics:
Single Sessions for Outreach and Seasonal Venues
-Home For Christmas
-Persistent Love
-Knock on the door…the party’s on the other side!
-Time to get in the Game
-Being Canadian…eh!
-Event/Conference Planning Workshops

Retreat Titles:
-Life’s a Garden…dig in!
-Embracing life… when it feels like it’s coming apart at the seams.
-Women in Leadership…A changing and challenging ride to enjoy


“Patti Larsen is a Living Ray of Enthusiasm. Her zest for life and her sense of humor intersect with her deep faith in a way that will motivate and inspire her audiences. Ladies will identify with her real life experiences and be encouraged by how she sees God continually show up in the realities of motherhood and marriage in the 2000’s.”
Dr. Tim Schroeder
Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Kelowna, BC

“Patti’s warm and friendly spirit shine through everything she says. She speaks words of truth from her heart, touching the hearts of her audiences. Her bright smile and contagious joy in life, attracts others to her, and the response to her message was great!”
Heather Senges
Executive Member, North American Baptist Conference, Chicago, IL

“Patti is a spark plug! She lights up women’s groups with humor and heartbreak from her life as she reaches out to encourage women to life a life purposeful in Christ.”
Margaret McMaster
Director’s of Women’s Ministries, Pacific Community Church, Vancouver, BC