Nancy Sebastian Meyer

meyernancyFee Range: $1000-2000
Location: Pennsylvania
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Nancy Sebastian Meyer vulnerably and passionately speaks a message of hope and truth to every audience. No one escapes her contagious enthusiasm or remains unmoved by her rock-solid faith in God and His Word. An evening, day or weekend with Nancy yields lasting joy for the journey.

An inspirational speaker, singer, degreed educator and Certified Personality Trainer, Nancy is also the author of Beyond Expectations: Finding Joy In Your Marriage (Moody, 2003), Talk Easy, Listen Hard: Real Communication for Two Really Different People (Moody, 2006), and Spiritually Single Moms: Raising Godly Kids When Dad Doesn’t Believe (NavPress, 2007).

Nancy is known for her Wives Only Workshops (WOW) and Spiritually Successful Moms (SSMoms) Conferences. Christian Schools love her ACSI-approved Biblical in-service program, classes, and parenting workshops. She offers the complete package as a conference and retreat speaker who provides inspiring special music and can lead worship. While every program is tailored to that particular audience, some of Nancy’s most popular topics include:

BETTER, NOT BITTER How do you cope with discouragement and frustration? In every situation we have a choice-to become better or bitter. These two words differ by one letter: I. Learn how to turn away from self, choose to live by God’s perspective, and receive great blessing.

LIFE: SATISFACTION GUARANTEED? When life doesn’t measure up to your expectations, you can’t exchange it for a new one or get your money back! But hope is available-on God’s terms, not according to the fairytale standards of this world. Discover REAL promises in God’s Word!

TALK EASY, LISTEN HARD Really connect with the significant people in your life! Nancy’s easy-to-understand, humorous lessons on personality, thought patterns, and love languages take the heat out of the hurt often caused in relationships and help you appreciate strengths you may be overlooking.

BEWARE: THE PIT! Whether we jump in on our own, get pushed, or accidentally fall into The Pit, we all know this emotional prison. In fact, while in The Pit, we call friends to lament our woes and invite them to join our little “pit-y party.” Nancy shares practical, proven principles for putting The Pit in its place. Come and find out the fastest way out!


Nancy, thank you for sharing your love, your spiritual insights, your vibrant energy and your gift of music. We were truly blessed by your heart for God and women. -The Women of White Clay Creek Church, Newark DE

Nancy’s speaking was packed with valuable nuggets of wisdom and practical application that drew me into a renewed and refreshed relationship with both God and my husband. And the transparency into her own struggles and weaknesses allowed me to feel safe and comfortable-like she’s my friend who is cheering for the success of my marriage and family. -Karen, Lititz PA

Dear Nancy, I heard your interview on Midday Connection about your book, “Beyond Expectations.” I needed to hear what you had to say. I am in a difficult marriage but will not give up. Lately the Lord has brought me to the scripture you quoted in Timothy. Please pray for us. -A friend in Mexico City

Nancy, you helped me tremendously in terms of getting new perspectives on womanhood and wifehood. Your sharing and godly advice really urged me to pursue the most important goal of my life – to be a godly woman who lives out the will of God in me. -Agnes, Toronto, Canada

Nancy’s honesty and transparency and the tough lessons learned are gifts from Him to the rest of us. -Nancy Kennedy, author of When He Doesn’t Believe

With the voice of a caring and understanding friend, Nancy Sebastian Meyer combines personal experience with biblical truth to speak comfort, encouragement, and hope to the hearts of women. -Ginger Plowman, author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three and Heaven at Home

Nancy spent four days with us and provided our school family with many insights and practical applications of truth. Nancy grabbed the attention of our high school and middle school students and the respect of our faculty. Our teachers came away more clearly understanding ourselves, each other and our students. You won’t be disappointed in the program she puts together for your school! -Bill Shuman, Director of Outreach at Oakland Christian School, Michigan

You and your daughter, Becky, were a blessing to my girls and I at our church’s Women’s and Girls’ Conference. If Becky enjoyed herself half as much as the teens did.then the “teen conference” with Becky was a huge success. -Alison, Baileyville, Maine