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In 2005, Michelle Hosted and Co-Produced I-Life Television’s ‘SHINE With Michelle Borquez” and was the national spokesperson for Beth Moore’s “Loving Well” Television Ministry Special. Her book “God Crazy – An Adventurous Road Trip to Joyful Surrender” was released by Harvest House in July 2007. She has also written “Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions” a guide to Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Michelle is a dynamic writer and speaker with a heart for the broken, the wounded, and for restoration in the body. Today she is President of God Crazy Ministries, whose mission is to educate and edify the body of Christ, and to empower them with their own awakening to God’s transforming power.

A woman of vision, Michelle is a business entrepreneur, ministry leader, international speaker, television and radio personality, and mother of four. She has worked as a leading business consultant for George Barna, John Maxwell’s INJOY, Bee Alive, American Association of Christian Counselors, Extraordinary Women, Family Restoration, and has assisted them in achieving their long term goals and objectives for ministry leaders and church organizations.

In 1999 Michelle founded Shine Magazine, a general interest publication focused on spiritual, physical and emotional health, and highlighting fashion and travel. Her role as Editor-in-Chief of Shine allowed for wonderful interviews with well known personalities and ministry leaders, such as First Lady Laura Bush, Anne Graham Lotz, Michael W. Smith, Kurt Warner, Chuck and Gena Norris, Beth Moore, and many more.

Currently Michelle serves as Director of Communications and Branding Management for Powered By Action (poweredbyaction.org) and
is Director of Faith Based Relations and Liaison to the White House for Gods Green America working with the faith community to bring awareness to be caretakers of the gifts God has given us in the earth. Michelle and her four children:Joshua 18, Aaron 17, Madison, 14, and Jacob, 12 live in Franklin, TN.


“As a client of Michele Borquez I very simply want to say, ‘WOW!. Michele is truly a person that is able to deliver on her promises. She not only conducts herself in a professional manner, but is wonderful at taking care of her clients. She is truly a lady with tremendous leadership abilities and qualities. Our ministry has been blessed by her representation and we are grateful for the work she is doing. More importantly she is a lady of vision and purpose and we thank God for her.”
Rev. Vince Callahan, Founder Family Restoration Ministries.

Michelle Borquez is a bundle of energy, a veritable wellspring of love, joy, and enthusiasm, and an incredible communicator of a message that can transform the world. Her passion for her work is only exceeded by her compassion for hurting people; she truly brings life, hope, and healing to everyone she encounters.
Ken Abraham, Speaker and 6 Times NYTimes Bestselling Author

Michelle Borquez is a powerfully dynamic and deeply authentic woman of God. She’s been seasoned beautifully though the challenges of life…She who understands richly the grace and mercy of God. I am always amazed when I have the opportunity to talk with Michelle…to hear her heart…it consistently cries out to the hurt and broken woman…”Oh dearest sister and friend, you have value…you are cherished…you are deeply loved. No matter your past God has a hope and a future for you! ” Her life changing message points us to the giver of all Life…Jesus…He is the restoration and hope we all long for.
Tammy Maltby
Author, Speaker and Host of Televisions “Aspiring Women”

Michelle’s Topics Include:

Who Stole My High Heels – Walk with confidence in your own High Heels and stop trying to wear someone else’s shoes! Comparison shopping will only leave you feeling inadequate, insecure, jealous, and purposeless! Begin taking steps knowing you don’t have to fill those shoes alone! God walks with us, fills the shoes to big for us to walk in, and gives us the confidence to walk in the ones that don’t quite feel like they are a fit. Hang on girl, he’s got just the right shoes for you!!!

Overcome Goliath Syndrome and Begin Living Your Dream – We all struggle with fear, but does it have a grip on your life. When fear controls you, when fear has you in its grip, it keeps you from living out the purpose and potential God has for you. The Goliath syndrome has to go before you can really be free enough to soar in the vision God has for each and every one of us.

God Crazy – Surrender YOU so God can LIVE big and Crazy through YOU
Do you feel out of control of your in control world? Does the idea of letting go and letting God seem a bit overwhelming? We can only be as big as our concept of God. Allowing a big God to take over our small life is truly an act of surrender and is an every day choice. When God lives big in us, when we truly surrender the outcome of our life to Him, we are then able to really begin living out the exciting God Crazy adventure He has for each and every one of us. Let go, let God!

Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions (2 day retreat) – Fear, Anger, Shame, Stress, Pride, Lust, and Jealousy, an emotional and spiritual journey of healing. What is controlling you and keeping you from living out your purpose, potential, and dreams? A diagnostic test of each of these deadly emotions in our life will result in exposing the lies, identifying the root of the deadly emotion, and engaging in a fresh new perspective resulting in greater confidence in our Christian journey and of course, freedom!

Michelle has spoken on many different topics depending on church needs, but here are a few of some of the topics most requested and based on the book “God Crazy” an adventurous road trip to joyful surrender and Overcoming the Seven Deadly Emotions.