Mesu Andrews

Mesu Andrews
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Location: North Carolina
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Mesu Andrews has spoken to audiences across the United States, sharing her love of Christ in fun and exciting ways that challenge and encourage. She is a pastor’s wife, a coffee fanatic, and loves her quiet log cabin in the Appalachian Mountains.

Mesu began searching Scripture as a young mom, burning with a desire to know God more intimately. She started by reading Bible stories to her daughters, and realized Jesus used powerful parables as His most effective teaching method. Why not do the same?

In 2007, Mesu began writing Bible stories for “big people.” Now, her award-winning biblical novels weave historical research into the lives of well-known biblical characters, shedding new light on God’s unchanging Word. Each speaking presentation draws on the life of ancient biblical friends, opening the hearts and minds of her audiences to experience God’s Word in a powerful and memorable way.

Topics include:

Where Is God Amid the Ashes? – Many folks are familiar with Job’s suffering, but how many remember God’s answer to Job’s question, “WHY?” Where is God when our world seems like a pile of ashes?  Take a sweeping glance at the story of Job’s testing and God’s Self-revelation. You’ll never view suffering…or God…the same again.

Sacred Love, Sacred Dance – Do you long for intimacy with God? Solomon’s Song of Songs is the most enticing love poem ever penned…and it was written with you in mind. A love-letter from your Beloved. Break the seal, read the words, and open your heart to the Lover of your soul. (Requires at least two one-hour sessions—my favorite and most requested topic.)

Listening in the Wilderness – Have you suffered in frustrated silence through dry devotionals, meaningless Bible study, or tormented life decisions? Ever wished God used a megaphone to shout His direction, His will, His answers to your prayers? Take a closer look at Hosea and Gomer’s relationship and the multitude of ways El Shaddai speaks to His people. Perhaps you’ll even learn to listen in your personal wilderness.

Holy God, Only God –Do you sometimes wonder at the methods God uses or His decisions in general? Follow Moses through the bulrushes, into Pharaoh’s palace, into Midian, and back to Egypt as God reveals Himself to the only man He ever called friend. Discover that the God who enforced Old Testament wrath is the same God who offered His Son for your sin.

When God’s Word Doesn’t Make Sense – Ever been baffled by the Beatitudes, perplexed by the Prophets or repulsed by the Revelation? How can a deeper understanding of God’s Word build your faith? And vice-versa—how does a superficial knowledge of the Bible weaken our ability to trust Him during those crucial life moments? Bring a snorkel and flippers as we swim with Isaiah and skim the surface of God’s deep mysteries.


“Mesu Andrews communicates with sensitivity, humor, insight, and deep trust in the goodness of God. She brings profound truth to application in the practical moments of life.”

Karen Fancher, Dean of Students and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries
Multnomah Biblical Seminary

“Mesu is a refreshingly passionate speaker, teacher, and encourager. It is obvious how much time she spends in the Word, and in the research of historical and spiritual truths. Her teaching reaches immediately to the deep places of the heart, not with the unsharpened, loveless knife of guilt, but with the tender touch of humility and transparency, bringing genuine conviction. How blessed we’ve been to have her bring joy and transformation through her sharing.”

Raelene Searle, Author and Speaker
Women’s Ministry Director

“Mesu has a heart for people, and a heart for the Lord. She is a teacher with a teachable spirit, and a speaker who is focused on listening to God’s voice.”

Ken Hunn, Executive Director Brethren Church